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Battlefleet Gothic Magazine Issue 17

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Battlefleet Gothic Magazine Issue 17
BFG Magazine - 17.jpg
Pages 32
Preceded by Battlefleet Gothic Magazine Issue 16
Followed by Battlefleet Gothic Magazine Issue 18

Battlefleet Gothic Magazine was a series of supplementary magazines for the game Battlefleet Gothic published by Games Workshop between 2000 and 2001.


  • For The Greater Good - Tau for Battlefleet Gothic
  • Incoming! - news
  • Contacts
  • Fire Warrior - news about the new computer game
  • Tau in Space - rules
  • Special Celestial Phenomena - alternative rules
  • The Tau Empire - Tau auxiliaries - Kroot and Nicassar
  • The Vagaries of War - an alternative campaign system for Battlefleet Gothic

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