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Battlefleet Solar

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Battlefleet Solar is the Imperial Navy's Battlefleet for the Sector Solar and thus Terra, capital of the Imperium and birthplace of humanity. Battlefleet Solar is known as the mightiest fleet in the Imperium.[1]


During the Horus Heresy, Battlefleet Solar was virtually wiped out by the Forces of Chaos under the command of Warmaster Horus.[2] During the War of the Beast 1,500 years later, Battlefleet Solar saw heavy action and experienced severe losses during the campaigns for Port Sanctus[4] and Ullanor.[5]

Battlefleet Solar would later see action during the Necron raid against Mars in M41 and in the closing years of the forty-first millennium was used to reinforce the desperate defense of Segmentum Obscurus during the Thirteenth Black Crusade.[3] It later battled against Thousand Sons elements on Luna in the last stage of the Terran Crusade.[6]

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