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Battles of the Great Crusade (List)

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A listing of known campaigns and battles of note during the Great Crusade. This listing is not exhaustive and is presented merely for interest and comparison.


  • An attempt has been made to present the unsorted listing in chronological order. However, due to the nature of the way the timing information is presented in the source texts (often nebulously and even contradictorily), the chronological order must only be taken as a rough guide.
  • Several campaign names are currently presumed. For example, the Battle of Isstvan III is the second battle to take place upon that world, but never referred to as such. Therefore the first battle of has been named the Compliance of Isstvan III, as it was a compliance action.
  • The first and last known battles of the Great Crusade effectively overlap with the previous and following Grand Campaigns; the pacification of Boeotia was the last known action in the Unification of Terra, even though it took place after the Great Crusade had started, whilst the Battle of Isstvan III began as part of a Great Crusade campaign and ended as the first battle of the Horus Heresy.

Battle/Campaign Location Combatant(s) 1 Combatant(s) 2 Outcome Source(s)
1st Pacification of Luna Luna Legions VII,XIII, and XVI Gene-cults Imperial Victory [21]
Sedna Campaign Sedna 8 Space Marine Legions Xenos Imperial Victory
Battle of Neptune Neptune IXth Legion Mutant hordes Imperial victory
Battle of Behtelgen IV Behtelgen IV First Legion Unknown Xenos organism Imperial victory
Battle of Canis-Balor Canis-Balor First Legion Unknown Xenos Tactical Imperial defeat, Exterminatus enacted
Siege of Reillis Reillis Luna Wolves
Imperial Army
Humans Imperial victory
Wheel of Fire Campaign Wheel of Fire Space Wolves Orks Imperial victory
Proximan Betrayal Proxima Emperor's Children
Custodian Guard
Human rebels Imperial victory
Molorian Revolt Molor Space Wolves Human Rebels Imperial victory
Delsvaan Campaign Delsvaan Space Wolves Delsvaan regime Imperial victory
Battle of Gorro Gorro Luna Wolves
Custodian Guard
Orks Imperial victory
Battle of Keylek Keylek Luna Wolves The Keylekid Imperial victory [1]
War in the Shedim Drifts Anark Zeta Luna Wolves
Collegia Titanica
Eldar Imperial victory
Noman Campaign Nova Borilia Space Wolves Noman Imperial victory
Siege of Incaladion Incaladion Iron Warriors Xenos Pyrrhic Imperial victory
Battle of Rust 02-34 Iron Hands Orks Imperial Victory
Sealing of the Black Gate Eye of Terror region First Legion Unknown Daemonic entity Imperial victory
Battle of Karkasarn Karkasarn Ultramarines
First Legion
Human armies Imperial victory
Battle of Advex-Mors Advex-Mors First Legion
Imperial Army
Rangda Imperial victory
Rangdan Xenocides Northern Imperium Dark Angels
Alpha Legion
Space Wolves
Rangda Imperial Pyrrhic Victory
Compliance of Kharaatan‎ Kharaatan‎ Salamanders
Night Lords
Kharaatan forces Imperial Victory
Ghenna Massacre Ghenna World Eaters Human rebels Imperial victory
Destruction of Absyrtus Absyrtus Death Guard Rogue Psykers Exterminatus [17]
Unheard War Uranus Imperial Fists Pirates and Warp plague Imperial Victory
Battle of 47-16 47-16 47th Expedition The Sons of the Storm Imperial victory [9][13]
Conquest of One-Five-Four Four One-Five-Four Four Iron Hands
Death Guard
Imperial Army
Eldar Eldar withdrawal
Dulan Campaign Dulan Space Wolves
Dark Angels
Imperial Army
Faash Imperial victory
Castigation of Terentius Halo Stars Luna Wolves
Iron Hands
Night Lords
Alpha Legion
Ordo Reductor
Rebels Imperial victory
Purging of Arachiana Arachiana Word Bearers Cultists Imperial victory
Riohbia Compliance Riohbia Raven Guard
Thousand Sons
Warlocks of Riohbia Imperial victory
Destruction of Tuonoetar Tuonoetar World Eaters Eldar Imperial victory
Defense of Tranquility Dalinite Nebula Emperor's Children Unknown xenos Imperial victory
Novo Andruss Rebellion Novo Andruss Alpha Legion Rebels Imperial victory
Defense of Helioret Magc'Sithraal Blood Angels
Ordo Sinister
Eldar Imperial victory
Battle of Davin Davin Luna Wolves
Word Bearers
Davinite forces Imperial victory [2]
Extermination of the Mitu Manachea System Imperial Fists
2 other Space Marine Legions
Solar Auxilia
Mitu Imperial victory
Muspel Compliance Muspel Dark Angels
Imperial Army
Khrave Imperial victory
Devastation of Zoah Zoah Night Lords
Thousand Sons
Zoan Humans Imperial victory
Zaramund Campaign Zaramund System Sons of Horus
Dark Angels
Death Guard
Human rebels Imperial victory
Acceredine Defiance Castus Thousand Sons
Imperial Army
Acceredine Enclave Imperial victory
Banquet of Kiy-Buran Kiy-Buran Blood Angels
Imperial Army
Mutant hordes Imperial victory
Fall of the Pale Emperor Unnamed Systems White Scars Unnamed Human civilization Imperial victory
Battle of Cethlen Cethlen War Hounds Rebels
Battle of Sarosh Sarosh Dark Angels Saroshi rebels Imperial victory [6]
Battle of Byzanthis Byzanthis Dark Angels Byzanthian forces Imperial victory [10]
Droggorn Campaign Droggorn Space Wolves
Thousand Sons
Orks Imperial victory
Astranii War Astranii Machine Empire Imperial Fists
Iron Hands
Sons of Horus
Astranii Machine Empire Imperial victory
Extermination of the Adryantis Cluster Adryantis Cluster Blood Angels Adryantis Humans Imperial victory
Osiris Rebellion Osiris Cluster Ultramarines Osirian Psybrids Imperial defeat [22]
Burning of Anahktor Anahktor System Blood Angels Anahktorians Imperial victory
Byzas Campaign Byzas Emperor's Children Rebels Imperial victory
Valnum compliance Valnum Thousand Sons Renegade Knights Imperial victory
Bernean Campaign Bernean Empire Iron Warriors Bernean Empire Imperial victory
Kamenka Campaign Kamenka Troika Thousand Sons
Imperial Army
Legio Astorum
Orks Imperial victory
Battle of Thoas Thoas Ultramarines Orks Imperial victory [15]
Araneus Wars Necromunda Imperial Fists Araneus Continuity/Xenos Imperial victory
Rama Sula Rebellion Rama Sula Space Wolves Rebels Imperial victory
War of the Consus Drift Consus Drift Imperial Fists Driftborn Imperial victory
Overseer War Dahinta Luna Wolves The Overseers Imperial victory [1]
Battle of Rennimar Rennimar Imperial Fists Orks Imperial victory
Aegisine War Unknown Imperial Fists Hecuban Conformity Imperial victory
Piamen Campaign Piamen Night Lords Piameni Imperial victory
Battle of Thrael Falls Cestus II Imperial Fists
Luna Wolves
Anak Imperial victory [18]
Ataem Campaign Antaem Salamanders Orks Imperial victory
Extinction of the Katara Kenuit System Emperor's Children Katara Imperial Victory
Praxil Compliance Praxil Emperor's Children
Blood Angels
Imperial Fists
Praxil Imperial Victory
Morningstar Campaign Morningstar Thousand Sons
Iron Warriors
Daemons Imperial victory [16]
Compliance of Isstvan III Isstvan III Raven Guard Warsingers Imperial victory [3]
Siege of Firebase Endriago Barakan Dark Angels Orks Imperial victory [11]
Turning of the Golden Apostles‎ Golden Apostles Thousand Sons Human-Xenos alliance Imperial victory
Battle of Jielthwa Jielthwa Ultramarines Eldar Unknown
Caskian Campaign Caskian Ultramarines
Word Bearers
Unnamed insectoid xenos Unknown [14]
Battle of Gyros-Thravian Gyros-Thravian Luna Wolves
Death Guard
Imperial Fists
Adeptus Custodes
Orks Imperial victory
Melchior Compliance Melchior Luna Wolves
Blood Angels
White Scars
Nephilim Imperial victory
Seryn Reach Campaign Eastern Fringe Ultramarines Khrave Imperial defeat
Galadon Campaign Galadon Secondus Iron Hands
Word Bearers
Unknown Imperial victory
World Prince Campaign Unnamed world Imperial Fists
Alpha Legion
World-Prince forces Imperial victory
Hoadh Campaign Hoadh White Scars Nephilim Imperial victory
Night Crusade Occluda Noctis Imperial Fists
Emperor's Children
Dark Angels
Damareen Consensus Imperial victory
Ullanor Crusade Ullanor Luna Wolves Orks Imperial victory [20]
Kayvas Initiative Kayvas Belt Blood Angels
Alpha Legion
Orks Imperial victory
Battle of the Mountain Aghoru Thousand Sons
Space Wolves
Warp-corruption Imperial victory [12]
Teghar Campaign Teghar Pentaurus Blood Angels Abhumans Imperial victory
Battle of Shrike Ark Reach Secundus Thousand Sons
Space Wolves
Word Bearers
Avenians Imperial victory [12]
Pacification of the Ark Reach Cluster Ark Reach Cluster 47th Expedition
Space Wolves
Thousand Sons
Word Bearers
Ark Reach forces Imperial victory [12]
Emancipation of Drune Drune Sons of Horus
White Scars
Death Guard
Xenos Imperial victory
Fall of the Lords of Gardinaal Gardinaal Iron Hands
Emperor's Children
Gardinaal Imperial victory
Preaixor Campaign Preaixor Emperor's Children
Death Guard
Unknown Unknown, presumably Imperial victory [4b]
Cleansing of Laeran Laeran Emperor's Children The Laer Imperial victory [5]
Fall of the Black Judges Meratara Cluster Iron Warriors Black Judges Imperial victory
Vhnori Resurgence Terra Night Lords Crimson Walkers insurgents Imperial victory
Battle of Velekshar Velekshar Night Lords
Iron Warriors
Orks Imperial Victory
Golgothan Slaughter Sarum World Eaters Brotherhood of Ruin Imperial victory [21]
Conquest of Galaspar Galaspar Death Guard The Order Imperial victory [21]
Destruction of the Quietude Unknown Space Wolves Olamic Quietude Imperial victory
Diasporex War Corollis 52nd Expedition
Emperor's Children
The Diasporex Imperial victory [5]
Battle of the Corollis Star Corollis Emperor's Children
Iron Hands
The Diasporex Imperial victory [5]
Battle of 63-19 63-19 63rd Expedition 'The Empire of Man' Imperial victory [1]
Battle of the Whisperhead Mountains 63-19 Luna Wolves Whisperhead rebels Imperial victory [1]
Destruction of the Hydrinoxis Conclave Hydrinoxis Conclave Unknown Humans
Imperial victory
Nurthene War Nurth 670th Expedition Fleet
Alpha Legion
The Echvehnurth Imperial defeat [7]
War on Murder Murder Blood Angels
Emperor's Children
Luna Wolves
Megarachnids Campaign abandoned [1]
The Winnowing Aeschylrai Systems Night Lords Aeschylrai Warriors Imperial Victory
Corrinos Campaign Corrinos System Word Bearers Local forces Word Bearers victory
Battle of Xenobia Principis Xenobia Luna Wolves The Interex Inconclusive [1]
Scalland Campaign Scalland Sector Raven Guard Eldar Imperial Victory
Battle of Davin's Moon Davin 63rd Expedition Nurg-leth entities Imperial pyrrhic victory [2]
Battle of Tarsus Tarsus Emperor's Children Eldar Imperial victory [5]
Battle of the Eurydice Terminal Eurydice Terminal Ultramarines/War Hounds Osirian Psybrids Imperial victory
Auretian Technocracy War Auretia 63rd Expedition
World Eaters
Auretian Technocracy Imperial victory [2]
Battle of Kernunnos Kernunnos 954th Expedition Tyrants of Kernunnos Imperial victory [8]
Tesstra Compliance Tesstra Alpha Legion/Ultramarines Conservation Imperial victory
Hunting of the Ak'Haireth Olmec Alpha Legion Ak'Haireth Imperial victory
Battle of Antimon Antimon Space Wolves Dark Eldar Imperial victory [8]
Compliance of Indra-sul Indra-sul Raven Guard Khrave Imperial victory
Carinae Retribution Carinae System Raven Guard Carinae Sodality Imperial victory
Pacification of the Carinea Moons Carinea Moons Death Guard Unknown Unknown, presumably Imperial victory [4a]
Mariposa Campaign Mariposa Blood Angels
Imperial Fists
Imperial Army
Sisters of Silence
Mutant Cults Imperial victory
Sak'trada Deeps Campaign Sak'trada Deeps Iron Warriors Hrud Pyrrhic Imperial victory
Siege of Mykana Mykana Dark Angels
Emperor's Children
Human Empire Imperial victory
Battle of Ashkhelon Ashkhelon III Space Wolves
Enemy AI Imperial victory
Battle of Iota Horologi Iota Horologi Death Guard
Sisters of Silence
Jorgall Imperial victory [4]
Battle of Oura'Nuoama Oura'Nuoama Death Guard
Blood Angels
Imperial Knights
Unnamed Xenos species Imperial victory [19]
Unrest on Caliban Caliban Lutheran Dark Angels Calibanite rebels Inconclusive [11]
Battle of Deep Orbital DS191 Deep Orbital 191 Emperor's Children Orks Imperial victory [5]
Battle of the Fist of Iron Fist of Iron Emperor's Children Iron Hands Inconclusive [5]
Ghennai Cluster Compliance Ghennai Cluster Ultramarines Orks
Imperial victory
Battle of Gate Forty-Two Akum-Sothos Cluster Luna Wolves
Raven Guard
Iron Warriors
Space Wolves
Unsighted Kings Pyrrhic Imperial victory
Chondax Campaign Chondax System White Scars Orks Imperial victory, extends into Horus Heresy
Gordian League Campaign Gordian League Shield Worlds Dark Angels Gordian League Imperial victory [11]
Battle of Isstvan Extremis Isstvan Extremis Emperor's Children
Death Guard
Warsingers Imperial victory [4]
Battle of Isstvan III Isstvan III Sons of Horus
Emperor's Children traitors
Death Guard traitors
World Eaters traitors
Legio Mortis
Luna Wolves
Emperor's Children loyalists
Death Guard loyalists
World Eaters loyalists
Traitor victory [3]

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