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Battlesuit support system

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A battlesuit support system is a piece of wargear that can be mounted onto a Tau battlesuit.

Support systems

A support system is typically a system that improves the abilities of the user without directly harming the enemy. For example, it can improve the speeds of the user or improve it's shooting effectiveness.

Mounting support systems

On a battlesuit, a support system is mounted on a hard-point which the battlesuit only has a limited number of. Usually, these hardpoints also accommodate Weapons, so not all hard-points will have support systems lest the battlesuit be left completely defenseless with no weapons. Some support systems can be hard-wired.

List of battlesuits and their hard-points

  • A Crisis Battlesuit has three hard-points used for weapons and support systems.
  • A Stealthsuit has two hard-points, one used exclusively for support systems and one used only for a weapon.
  • A Broadside has three hard-points, one used exclusively for support systems and the other two used only for weapons.

List of battlesuit support systems


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