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Beast Snaggas

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Beast Snaggas[2]

Beast Snaggas are an Ork 'subkultur'.[2]


Beast Snaggas are nomadic Orks who have a disdain for armored vehicles and instead use many variations of Squigs to battle. They aim to hunt the largest creatures and machines, ranging from tanks and monsters to even Titans.[1] They come predominantly from the Snakebites Clan, due to their appreciation for "da old wayz", and their disregard for more complex technology, although they can be found across the entire spectrum of Ork society. Due to them spending most of their lives hunting the largest beasts they can find, they are hulking mountains of muscle, even by Ork standards.[2] While not as durable as a Nob, they can hit just as hard.[3]

Beast Snaggas Gretchin are affectionately dubbed 'saddlegitz', and are a smidge braver than most members of their species.[2]

Beast Snagga Types

Notable Beast Snaggas



Ork Infantry and Cavalry
Leadership WarbossMekbossPainbossNobz (Beast Snagga Nob)Flash Gitz
Oddboyz MekboyzPainboyzWeirdboyzRuntherdsSpanna BoyzBikerboyzFlyboyzMadboyz
Boyz Shoota BoyzStikk Bommaz'Ard BoyzSkarboyzYoofsFeral OrksBeast Snagga BoyBoarboyzSquighog Boyz
Specialists KommandosBurna BoyzTankbustasLootasStormboyz
Other GretchinSnotlingsSquigs