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Beast of Nurgle

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Beasts of Nurgle

The Daemonic Beasts of Nurgle move through the battlefields in search of friends, with deadly consequences to those who are touched by them.[2]


Beasts of Nurgle are huge, happy, slug-like creatures that slither across the battlefield leaving a trail of slime behind them. They incarnate the Plague Lord's bountiful excitement, and show a friendly nature utterly at odds with the consequences of their presence.[2]

The beasts are propelled forward with undulating ripples and clawed flippers, and include fronds of writhing tentacles that sprout from their blob-like heads and which expel vomit-inducing gasses, clouds of flies and deadly fluids; these poisonous tentacles they use to hug and wrap the playmates they find in battles, unwittingly causing their deaths. Once their "friend" lies inert, the Beast searches for a new one to play with.[2]


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