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Beldame Sadia

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Beldame Sadia, sometimes known simply as "The Beldame," was the xenophile leader of a Chaos cult that plagued the Imperium for centuries.[1a]

As a xenophile, her particular fascination was with the Dark Eldar, and she was one of the few humans to establish compacts with them. At the time of her location on Lethe Eleven by Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn, it was rumored that she had become an initiate of the cult of Kaela Mensha Khaine. Glorying in murder and torture, she recruited her cult exclusively from convicted murderers, and equipped them with xenos technology, including Shadow Fields.[1b]

One hundred and fifty years before Eisenhorn's birth, her legs had been destroyed by Inquisitor Atelath, and she had them replaced with a carriage equipped with eight spider-like legs. She also had augmetic fangs implanted, and venom sacs in her cheeks that allowed her to spit corrosive poison.[1b]

Eisenhorn tracked her to Lethe Eleven in 338.M41, and interrupted her cult's sacrificial ritual, watched over by an Eldar haemonculus.[1a][1b] Beldame attempted to escape, but Eisenhorn disabled her mechanical legs on the roof of the defunct church she was using as a base. Eisenhorn, crippled by a poison injected by her assistant, Pye, was helpless to stop Beldame from killing him in a last act of spite, but before she could she was killed by Arnault Tantalid, a Witch Hunter who, ironically, had come to apprehend Eisenhorn.[1c]