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Belladonna De'Escher

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Belladonna De'Escher [2]

Belladonna Familus Umathurn De'Escher is a Necromunda Hive Primus noble of House Escher[1] and one of the seven daughters of Orlena Escher — matriarch of the Seven Spire Killer Cult.[1]

As a member of the Cult, Belladonna was an assassin as well and was once one of the most feared ones in the Palatine Custer[2]. This ended though, when the Cult arranged for Belladonna[3] to marry a member of Ran Lo's noble houses, which would seal an alliance between them[2]. Despite the arranged marriage, Belladonna and her soon to be husband fell in love, as the marriage day approached. However their bliss ended on the same day they were married, when the couple was attacked by a mysterious group, which killed Belladonna's husband and left her severely wounded. She would lose her left arm, left leg, and right eye in the attack and with her husband's death[3], the alliance between the Cult and Ran Lo was ended. In the aftermath of the attack though, Belladonna desired nothing more than vengeance and once she had recovered, and had her missing limbs and eye replaced with industrial bionics, she entered Hive Primus' Underhive in search for her husband's killers. Until she finds them however, Belladonna has put her deadly skills to use as a bounty hunter and has become well known throughout the Underhive.[2]

When a Plague Zombie outbreak struck the Underhive, Belladonna and the Broken Blades bounty hunting gang, were hired by the Merchants Guild, to protect it. However as the zombies attacked, Belladonna famously negotiated a better price for herself, after threatening to leave unless the Guild payed her more for the risk of getting plague guts on her armour[1]. Because of how similar their names are, Belladonna sometimes gets confused with fellow Bounty Hunter Mad Donna - which she takes great offense to, given Mad Donna's insane murderess reputation.[4]


"Belladonna" literally means (in two words) "beautiful lady" in Italian, but commonly refers to Atropa belladonna, also known simply as belladonna or deadly nightshade.