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Belleraphio van Dyne

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Belleraphio van Dyne was a Rogue Trader who acquired an ancient key in his travels that led him to the Sanctus Reach, where a greedy seneschal assured him a great treasure awaited. Thinking to loot the tombs beneath the Sacred Mountain on the planet Alaric Prime, Belleraphio unlocked the vault and descended with a team of Ratling mechanics, specialists in archeotech and mechanicum salvage. While the stories of what they found under the mountain vary, all seem to agree that Belleraphio alone fled from its depths, with the Freeblade Knight Gerantius close on his heels. Seeking to escape from the Freeblade, Belleraphio jumped into a river near the mountain in order to reach his lander nearby. As he swam, however, the roots of the mountain suddenly rumbled and shook, causing the ground near it to crack open. From the dark heart of the mountain toxic waters rose up, polluting the pure river and surrounding the now thrashing Rogue Trader. As Belleraphio died screaming, Gerantius watched on in silence, and the waters of the river, now known as the Boiling Rave, have remained lethal ever since.[1]

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