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Beneath the Flesh (Short Story)

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Beneath the Flesh
Cover art by Rachel Docherty
Author Andy Smillie
Publisher Black Library
Released March 2012
Pages 58
Collected in Trial by Blood
There Is Only War
Flesh Tearers
Editions 2012 eShort
ISBN: 978-0-85787-483-2

Beneath the Flesh is a Flesh Tearers short story by Andy Smillie. It was first published in issues 15 & 16 of Hammer & Bolter.

Black Library Description

"The Flesh Tearers descend upon an Imperial world to retrieve Gene-seed from fallen Brothers. Death haunts the shadows, as does the spectre of the Chapter’s curse, the Black Rage. What happened on this world, and is history going to repeat itself?" [1]

=Dramatis Personae

Flesh Tearers

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