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Bequa Kynska

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Bequa Kynska was a musician and composer of note, who had achieved a considerable level of fame towards the end the Great Crusade. In her later days, she was a remembrancer attached to the 28th Expedition Fleet. The Emperor's Children Primarch Fulgrim, as a patron of the arts, was counted amongst her fans[1a].

Some of her noted features were her blue hair, juvenation to a considerable beauty despite her advanced age, and her appetite for young men and women. A lifelong and jaded libertine, one of Kynska's few remaining pleasures in life was seducing and embittering young individuals[1c]. She attempted to seduce Ostian Delafour during the war against the Laer. He stated that he was Serena D'Angelus's lover, rejecting her advances on him. Unused to denial, she used her influence to deny him the chance of visiting the surface of Laeran with the other remembrancers[1b].

Kynska was one of few remembrancers allowed to visit the temple on the surface of Laeran, which inspired her to create a grand symphony she called the Maraviglia. Like Fulgrim, his Legion, and others who visited the temple, the power of Slaanesh enraptured her.

During the grand opening of the Maraviglia, Kynska was killed by a daemonette of Slaanesh that had formerly been her lead singer.