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Lord Berossus was an Iron Warrior Chaos Dreadnought who, as of late M41 was also the Warsmith of an Iron Warriors Grand Company based on the planet Medrengard.[1a]


The Great Crusade

An officer of the original Iron Warriors Legion, Berossus received his most grievous battle wound (prior to his interment) during the Legion's famous campaign against the Black Judges, when he was caught alone by a dozen of the Judges' Accusators, who rent his body into pieces with their chain gavels. Although the Legion's Apothecaries were able to revive him, the pain of his wounds always stayed with him, as did the humiliation at being taken off-guard by such relatively minor foes[3]

The Horus Heresy

This page contains spoilers for: The Crimson Fist (Novella)

By the time of the Horus Heresy Berossus had risen to the rank of Captain of the 2nd Grand Company[2a]. When the Iron Warriors were tasked to eliminate the Imperial Fists battle fleet marooned in the Phall system, Berossus eagerly volunteered to command the fleet, but Perturabo overruled him, insisting on taking command himself.[2b]

The planning of the Iron Warriors' attack fell to First Captain Forrix, while Berossus had the dubious honour of acting as Perturabo's adjutant - dubious because the Lord of Iron was not above taking out his anger on the messenger who brought him bad news.[2c] Sure that First Captain Sigismund was the commander of the Imperial Fists fleet, Perturabo insisted that he be captured alive, and brought to the primarch.[2c] However, Berossus had to confess that, based on the vox intercepts from the fleet, Sigismund was absent and the enemy commander was Captain Alexis Polux, whom the Iron Warriors dismissed as of no account. Perturabo took the news badly, smashing Berossus's armour with his fists and leaving the Captain to slowly bleed to death on the deck of his flagship.[2d]

Berossus was later entombed in a Dreadnought chassis. The fact that he had been crippled by a blow from his own gene-father, rather than in battle, caused a corrosive bitterness that slowly drove him mad.[3] He later appeared during the muster of traitor forces on Ullanor in preparation for the Siege of Terra.[4] He took part in the Siege of Terra, and while now a minor line officer still led Iron Warriors in the attack on the Lion's Gate Spaceport.[5]

War on Medrengard

This page contains spoilers for: Dead Sky, Black Sun (Novel)

In M41, Berossus and Warsmith Toramino were embroiled in a dispute with Lord Honsou, who had recently won a prize of stolen gene-seed from an Adeptus Mechanicus facility on the planet Hydra Cordatus. Lord Honsou reneged on a promise made by his predecessor to share the geneseed with his fellow Warsmiths, leading to civil war amongst the Iron Warriors.[1a] Lord Toramino and Lord Berossus went on to besiege Honsou's fortress, Khalan-Ghol, for many months; Berossus bore the brunt of the fighting and lost thousands of soldiers.[Needs Citation]

Eventually Berossus met Honsou in battle during the latter stages of the war, where he almost killed Honsou with a siege drill. However, Honsou's Daemonhost bodyguard Onyx managed to inflict enough damage to Berossus's dreadnought form. His sarcophagus was opened by Housou, who proceeded to rip Berossus's head from the Mind Impulse Unit of the dreadnought and crush it for all to see. Berossus's troops then defected to Honsou shortly after his death.[1c]

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