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Beta-Garmon Star Cluster

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The Beta-Garmon Star Cluster is a strategically vital region of Segmentum Solar.


The Beta-Garmon Cluster was first settled during the Dark Age of Technology and was one of the few regions of human space to largely endure the Age of Strife intact, making it vital in the early days of the Great Crusade when it peacefully merged with the fledgling Imperium.[6b] Beta-Garmon is also the home to stable Warp routes that allow for entry into the Sol System. These factors make the region extremely important from a strategic standpoint.[5]

Beta-Garmon served as the mustering point for the Imperial retribution force before it struck Prospero.[2] Due to the Ruinstorm at the onset of the Horus Heresy, the Cluster was largely cutoff from the wider Imperium and schisms between loyalist and traitor factions began thanks to the instigation of the Alpha Legion. After the nearby Paramar System fell into civil war, the Beta-Garmon cluster quickly followed suit.[7] Later in the Heresy, it was taken by the Emperor's Children only to be retaken by Salamanders, Imperial Army and loyalist Titan Legions in the Battle of Nyrcon.[3] Heavily fortified by Rogal Dorn thereafter, Beta-Garmon became the site of vicious fighting between Imperial and traitor forces due to its strategic importance. The battle was one of the largest of the Heresy,[3] but ultimately it was the forces of the Warmaster that emerged victorious.

At some point after the Heresy, it seems as if the Beta-Garmon Cluster became lost to the Emperor. In 679.M36 the Rogue TraderKhorlu rediscovered the fabled Beta-Garmon System. With the aid of the Silver Skulls, the Imperium reconquered the region. As a reward for helping him secure the System, Khorlu later ceded them the planet Beta-Garmon IV, considered the jewel of this System.[8]

Known Worlds of Beta-Garmon Cluster

At its peak, the Beta-Garmon Cluster spanned 30 worlds. However by the time of the Great Crusade only five Systems remained of importance:[7]

  • Alpha-Garmon System - Consists of a dozen worlds around the bloated star of the system, mostly molten-planets and orbital outposts to monitor the system's Red Giant.[7]
  • Beta-Garmon System - Capital and most heavily populated System. The five other worlds of the System have long since been abandoned and is home to ancient ruins and debris fields.[7]
  • Delta-Garmon System - A cold and mostly dead system clustered around a neutron star. Solar radiation flares make navigation and habitation difficult.[7]
  • Theta-Garmon System - Most planets of this system are given to fleet support and other infrastructure operations.[7]
    • Theta-Garmon V - Fleet base. Also known as Iridium due to the primary resource mined on the planet.[6a]
  • Zeta-Garmon System - Due to its blue star, the worlds of the Zeta-Garmon System are basked in an eerie ghostly light. Though once prosperous, celestial anomalies have created molecular stagnation and much of the world now exists in a crystallized form. Diamond seas and glass rain make most of the System uninhabitable.[7]

In addition, there were a number of less significant and outlying worlds and systems:

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