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Bevedan is a one-armed[1b] melancholy[1a] Fallen Angel psyker, who is among those that now loyally serve their returned Primarch, Lion El'Jonson[1b] as the Risen.[1c]


Sometime after he emerged into Realspace, millennia after Caliban's destruction, Bevedan was discovered his fellow Fallen Launciel and the two later met with Galad. The three then traveled together, but after the Great Rift's creation, they settled on the Trevenum System moon, Gamma II. The Fallen presented themselves as Dark Angels to its Imperial population, who welcomed their arrival as they had suffered greatly in the aftermath of the Great Rift's birth. Launciel and Galad would then take command of Gamma II's defense forces and were able to protect it from from invaders. Bevedan, though, chose to isolate himself in the moon's Umbran Mountains instead[1a], likely due to him being a psyker[1b]. Sometime later, however, the Dark Angels' lost Primarch, Lion El'Jonson, returned and began requesting that the Fallen join him to help save the embattled Imperium. One of these was the pirate leader Borz, who informed the Lion that members of the Fallen were rumored to be on Gamma II. This led the Primarch to send the Fallen Zabriel to recruit any of his brethren he found on the moon.[1a]

After he convinced Launciel and Galad to serve their Primarch once more, the two told Zabriel of Bevedan's existence. Zabriel then went to recruit the psyker, but Launciel and Galad had failed to mention, that another Fallen named Baelor had already arrived seeking Bevedan. Though they had known he was a member of the Ten Thousand Eyes Warband, Baelor was not displaying any markings of Chaos, which allowed him to meet with the psyker. He had come to recruit Bevedan into the Warband and this almost led to a confrontation with Zabriel, when Baelor's allegiance became known. This was quickly stopped by the psyker's warning, that he would use his powers against the two if they fought. However, upon learning from Zabriel that the Ten Thousand Eyes had tried to kill their Primarch at Avalus, Bevedan decided to serve El'Jonson as well. Though disappointed, Baelor left peacefully shortly afterwards.[1b]