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Bhab Bastion

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The Bhab Bastion is a area of the Imperial Palace on Terra.[1]

Existing before the construction of the palace itself, the Bastion was a place of counsel and refuge for warlords and tyrants since before the Age of Strife.[1] Standing half a kilometre wide at the base, it was rumoured to have resisted all attempts to demolish it regardless of the amount of explosives applied.[3]

After the Unification Wars, it was absorbed into the growing Imperial Palace complex.[1] During the Horus Heresy, the Bastion alongside the Phalanx became the command center of Rogal Dorn and the Imperial Fists, overseeing the defense of the entire Sol System.[1] During the final stages of the Siege of Terra, the Bhab Bastion itself was besieged by traitor forces, trapping Dorn and much of the Imperial Fists inside as Sanguinius waged the desperate defense of the Eternity Gate.[4]

Notable Areas