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Biel-Tanigh was a location within the Webway.[1][2] The sub-realm of Biel-Tanigh was seeped in ruddy twilight and had a starless sky apart from one distant silver sun, that had appeared at some unknown point of time in the sky.[1b][2]


Before and shortly after the Fall of the Eldar, Biel-Tanigh consisted of a township full of parklands, lush gardens and streets between the buildings of the town; and it had a large fortress-like building that was once an institution of learning, a great archive and centre of art and philosophy for the ancient people of Aeldari. The fortress' gateway was decorated with glittering runes that translated to the sub-realm's name Biel-Tanigh.[2]


In the more recent times after the Fall, the Webway portal to the sub-realm was long forgotten and known only to the most ancient inhabitants of Commorragh.[1] The Webway tunnel leading to the sub-realm was breached of its wards that protected it against the daemons of chaos, and its walls were full of rents and tears that gave glimpses into the Warp outside the tunnel.[1c] After Biel-Tanigh was abandoned by its ancient inhabitants, its lush gardens and parks had been transformed into living, thorny vines.[1][2] The place was guarded against anyone who dared to trespass the sub-realm by traps and patrols of twisted, mutated species of Aeldari origin.[1b]


Archon Nyos Yllithian of Kabal of the White Flames claimed that the sub-realm of Biel-Tanigh was a secret repository for various artefacts from before the Fall, and that the Archon Asdrubael Vect had hidden there certain items out of reach of his rivals.[1a]