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Big Guns

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the grot artillery; for the fleet batteries, see Ork Fleet Weapons#Heavy Gunz.
Big Guns in action[1]

Big Guns are Ork field artillery units, commonly crewed by Gretchin.

Description and variants

They are usually large guns mounted in a cannon-style, wheeled for transport and low to the ground so their Gretchin crews can access them. This concept was no doubt copied from encounters with Imperial artillery units, but Big Guns teams are far less disciplined then their Imperial counterparts.[1] Big Guns are used to pound enemy lines into submission and destroy enemy vehicles from a distance as Boyz close in.[5]

They are often used in groups and have a single team of gretchin crewing up to three of the guns at once under the supervision of a Runtherd. Grots commonly fear the prospect of being included into Big Gun crews and some Runtherds often use the threat of serving in a Big Guns battery to to keep the rebellious Grots in line. Should the miserable Grot-crewman survive for long he will become completely deaf and will have to resort to a rudimentary system of sign language.[1]

Common Big Guns include:

Mek Guns

Some grots form crews of Mek-created advanced weapons known as Mek Guns. These big, clanky field weapons are much more advanced and deadly then regular Big Guns.[10]

Common Mek Guns include:


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