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Big Trakk

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Ork Big Trakk armed with a Supa-kannon[1]

Big Trakks are a classification of heavy Ork vehicle.[1]


Big Trakk's are essentially an enlarged and modified version of the Trukk, designed to move across sinkholes, rubble, or ash wastes without getting bogged down. They are also designed to be bigger, louder, and carry much more armament over the standard Trukk and are frequently used as gun carriers instead of troop transports. In addition, for many Mekboyz without the resources or know-how to build full Battlewagons, Big Trakk's are the next best thing. There are a profusion of Big Trakk designs favored by different Mekboyz and Clans, from the Blood Axes who often mimic Imperial patterns to the 'kustom'-built Bad Moon gun platforms. And while some Ork Speed Freaks decry them for their lack of speed, both the Goffs and Deathskulls make extensive use of Big Trakks. The Goffs because they keep the big gunz mobile and can get to the frontline quickly and the Deathskulls because they're capable of hauling large amounts of loot.[1]

Big Trukk's are typically armed with Big Shootas, Zzap Guns, Skorchas, or Killkannons, but also can be armed with heavier weapons such as the Supa-kannon or Flakka-Dakka Guns.[1]

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