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Big Shoota

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Typical Ork Big Shoota[2]

Big Shootas, also known as 'Eavy Shootas, are the most common type of Ork heavy weapon. They are essentially just bigger Shootas with bigger shells, more noise, stronger recoil, and even more "dakka."[1][3b]


A Big Shoota is a loud, heavy, large-calibre machine gun that bucks and sparks like crazy when the trigger is pulled. Big Shootas are usually bolted on vehicles - from Grot Tanks to Stompas for anti-personnel support, but sometimes a Shoota Boy manages to acquire a big shoota that gives his mob some real anti-infantry power, causing envy among other Boys. Big shootas are fed from chunky magazines of ammo by crank handles, motors or some other clever mechanisms. They are often "kustomized" to have multiple barrels, big crosshair sights, longer ammo belts and such.[1][3b]


Scoped Big Shoota

Big Shootas with a telescopic scope used by Kommando snipers.[12]


Dakkaguns are a twin-linked variant of Big Shoota mounted on Ork Warbikes. They have two barrels and shorter range because of their unstable mount, but otherwise are similar to Big Shootas. Because they are mounted on a small, light bike, they make it spin out of control when fired, although Orks think this makes the bikes even better.[3a][4]

Supa Shoota

The Supa Shoota is an enlarged and nosier version of the Big Shoota, favored by Ork Flyboyz. Often mounted on flyers such as Dakkajets or Blitza-Bommers, they are "kustomized" by the Flyboyz to make a bigger bang and cause even more carnage.[8]

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