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Bio-plasma is a Tyranid Biomorph. It is a biologically produced plasma.

5th Edition

4th Edition

Bioplasma is generated in the stomach of a Tyranid creature. Through internal processes, a ball or bolt of blinding green plasma can be vomited at the enemy. It is often preceded by a high-pitched screaming.[1][2] This is the reason why Carnifexes are commonly known as "Screamer-Killers", as they were the first Tyranid organisms encountered which were equipped with Bio-Plasma.

Previous Editions

In 2nd Edition, Bioplasma is generated by a specially modified oesophagus which can vomit bio-plasmic bolts, generated by rasping internal plates, drawing its power from the stores of energy in the gut of the creature. A loud screeching noise is produced when it is launched and an electrical field around the creature's claws holds the plasma until it is fully formed. The general view is that only the Carnifex can use this, however it is available to other units for a price.[3]


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