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Biomancy is a Psychic Discipline known to psykers who specialise in the use of manipulating biological energy and processes. Through this art, biomancers are capable of changing or influencing a change in the physical form of either themselves or their enemies. Practitioners are of Biomancy are known as Biomancers[2]


Dark Heresy 1st edition

  • Bio-lightning: Attack one foe with lightning
  • Blood Boil: Raise a foe's heart rate and blood pressure, causing fatigue, then unconsciousness, then death
  • Cellular Control: Gain one of the following buffs: immunity to poison, immunity to extreme temperatures, gain +10 to any Characteristic except for Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill, immunity to Fatigue, or immunity to vacuum environments.
  • Constrict: Choke a target
  • Enhanced Senses: Gain a +30 bonus to Tests with one sense.
  • Hammerhand: Strength is quadrupled, fists become lethal weapons
  • Regenerate: Heal own injuries over time and regrow missing body parts
  • Seal Wounds: Heal injuries of one target
  • Shape Flesh: Shapeshift to gain special abilities or disguise yourself
  • Toxic Siphon: Remove poison from target

Dark Heresy 2nd edition

  • Invigourate: Remove levels of Fatigue
  • Smite: Project lightning at foes
  • Enfeeble: Temporarily weaken target
  • Shape Flesh: Alter the appearance of a target
  • Endurance: Heal wounds of multiple targets
  • Iron Arm: Turn skin into living steel
  • Life Leech: Drain target's vitality
  • Warp Speed: Move at supernatural speed
  • Haemorrhage: Wound a target at range

Notable Biomancers