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Bion Henricos

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Bion Henricos was a member of the Iron Hands active during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. A Sergeant of the 10th Company, Henricos was a dour and grim individual who disdained weakness. This came to the forefront during the Conquest of One-Five-Four Four where in a battle with Eldar, Henricos pushed his forces too far and Imperial Army troops were often left behind to the elements. He also disliked his chapters bionic nature and so removed his only bionic, his left hand, though later injuries forced him to gain further augmentations.[1] Later Henricos survived the Drop Site Massacre and journeyed with Salamanders captain Xa'ven off of Isstvan V on a captured Sons of Horus vessel Grey Talon. He encountered White Scars Stormseer Targutai Yesugei and helped him reunite with his Primarch, Jaghatai Khan.[2]

Henricos continued to fly the Grey Talon under a loyalist banner, waging the Shadow Wars alongside other members of the Shattered Legions and Hibou Khan,[3] until he was killed by Horus Aximand during the Battle of Dwell.[4]