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Black Angel

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The Black Angel is a Warp entity heavily associated with the Blood Angels and people of Baal.[1]

Transcending linear time and space, the Angel of Darkness engages in an eternal battle with a Golden Angel inside the Warp. The Xenos civilization on Baal before the coming of Humanity as well as races that will come after Mankind have all been influenced by the struggle of these beings. Every time one of the sons of Baal saves the life of an innocent the Golden Angel grows stronger while every time one of them succumbs to the Black Rage the Angel of Darkness grows stronger.[1]

Sometime after the Devastation of Baal an apparent avatar of Sanguinius appeared before Mephiston and revealed that he is in fact the vessel that will become the Angel of Darkness, but due to the absence of time in the Warp he has thus always existed. It stated that if Mephiston became a vessel for the Black Angel now, he could use his body as a prison and save the Blood Angels from their fate for a time at the cost of his own soul. Mephiston apparently accepted, though the truth is left unclear.[1a]