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Kabal of the Black Heart

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The Kabal of the Black Heart is the single largest and most powerful Kabal in Commorragh, and because of this, they are the dominant power in the city. The Kabal's Supreme Lord is Asdrubael Vect, the oldest known Dark Eldar, and the supposed founder of the Dark City itself. The fact that the Kabal's founder is old enough to have witnessed first hand the birth of Slaanesh means that, along with being the largest and most powerful Kabal, they are also the first Kabal to be founded.[3]

Kabal of the Black Heart
Black heart symbol.png
Black Heart Kabal.jpg Black Heart Kabal 5th Edition colour scheme.jpg
Archon: Asdrubael Vect
Colours: Black\Silver\Maroon weapons
Speciality: Large scale raids, heavy fortification sieges


The Kabal of the Black Heart is the oldest and greatest of its kind. Founded by Vect, it was originally the Cult of the Black Heart and fought against the Sun Cults of Commorragh in its early days. However, Vect eventually used it as a tool to topple the nobility of the Dark City, and declared it the first Dark Eldar Kabal.[4]

It is a vast and sprawling organisation, able to support numerous rival Archons within its hierarchical structure. Each Archon controls a separate faction within the Black Heart, and each vies fiercely with his rivals for the patronage of Supreme Overlord Vect. None brave outright murder, however, for only a fool would blunt one of Asdrubael Vect’s favorite tools. So complete is Vect’s stranglehold upon Commorragh that none of these highly placed subordinate Archons dare challenge the Overlord’s supremacy in anything but the most private dreams or fantasies. Even then, they do so with caution, for it is said that Vect knows well the scent of treachery, and reads the minds of lesser mortals like an open book.[4]

This Kabal’s military strength is virtually unassailable. Countless thousands of Kabalite Warriors, Commorrite mercenaries and lethal gunships stand ready to exterminate their foes at the slightest crook of Vect’s corpse-white finger. A cast iron bond with the Wych Cult of Strife puts yet more might at the Supreme Overlord’s fingertips, providing him with the closest thing the Dark City has seen to genuine allies. Coupled with the impossibly intricate web of spies, informers and agents that Vect has scattered through every stratum of Commorragh, the Kabal of the Black Heart holds more power than several of their largest rivals combined.[4]

Their raiding territory is located near Vigilus.[5]

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