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Black Sword of Sigismund

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Sigismund wielding the Black Sword[2]

The Black Sword of Sigismund is a legendary relic Black Sword of the Black Templars, which once belonged to the Chapter's founder Sigismund.[1b]


A beautifully made weapon, everything about the Black Sword - from its size, profile, black hilt, and the fine gold-and-black decoration that runs from its tip to its guard - screams of an extremity of excess. Its blade is black as jet as well and drinks in light, causing the weapon to cast no reflection at all. While the Black Sword is far heavier than most swords used by Space Marines, it does not slow down those who wield it. Most mysteriously, anyone near the weapon can hear murmuring coming from the Black Sword. However the words can not be made out, as they are just beyond the edge of hearing.[3b]


This page contains spoilers for: Warhawk (Novel)

It was among the many weapons that were created by the Emperor and was forged in Terra's ancient past. The Black Sword was later placed in Malcador the Sigillite's repository, until the Horus Heresy's Siege of Terra neared its end[3b]. When the Imperial Palace's inner walls fell, the Primarch Rogal Dorn bade Sigismund to do what he could to damage Horus's Chaos forces[3a]. As he prepared to do so, Sigismund was approached by Malcador's agent Khalid Hassan, who presented the Black Sword to him. To Sigismund's disbelief, Hassan claimed the Sigillite was acting on the orders of the Emperor Himself. Hassan said the weapon was always Sigismund's to use and the time to do so was now. Sigismund's entered a trance upon seeing the weapon and was unable to stop himself from grabbing hold of it. Upon grasping the Black Sword, Sigismund knew Hassan spoke the truth - the Emperor wanted him to wield it[3b]. He gladly did so and began leading his forces against the invaders. Sigismund then specifically targeted high ranking enemy officers and wreaked such havoc that the traitors began calling him the Black Sword, for the weapon he wielded. Among the traitors that fell to the weapon, were the Sons of Horus Captain Indras Archeta[3c] and the World Eaters Captain Kharn.[3d]

This page contains spoilers for: Black Legion (Novel)

Centuries later, Sigismund still wielded the weapon and used it against the Black Legion, during the First Black Crusade. He was killed by Abaddon the Despoiler, during the conflict, though, not before dealing the traitor a nearly fatal wound with the Black Sword[4a]. Afterwards, the Black Legion returned the weapon and Sigismund's body to the Imperium aboard the captured Black Templars ship Valorous Vow.[4b]

Since then, Sigismund's Black Sword has become one of the mightiest relics possessed by his Chapter. Only the most peerless swordsmen of the Black Templars are granted the right to bear it in battle. Those who do so, carry the responsibility to destroy the Imperium's greatest foes[1b]. Like the Chapter's other legendary relics, the Black Sword of Sigismund is held within the Eternal Crusader's Temple of Dorn, when its not being wielded.[1a]