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Blackstone (Prison)

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Blackstone is a prison that lies beneath the Imperial Palace and it served as the Palace's primary penitentiary, during the Battle for Terra.[1b]


The prison was a large and hulking annex in the skirts of the Palace's Tower of Hegemon, and its walls were laced with Cadian-mined Noctilith. During the Battle for Terra, most of the Imperium's prisoners were taken from other penitentiaries and were sent to be housed within Blackstone. The exact reasons for this, are unclear and even its Warden of the Watch, Vaskale Solar, did know why this occurred. Regardless of the reason, its inmates' captivity was ensured. Blackstone was built as robustly as any of the Primarch Dorn's fortifications and only the Palace's Imperial Dungeon, was a more secure place of imprisonment.[1b]

Known Prisoners during the Battle for Terra