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Blade of Perdition

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The Blade of Perdition was a warship in the Imperial Fists Legion.[1]

It was part of the Retribution Fleet sent by the Primarch Rogal Dorn to confront Horus when the Heresy began. However, due to severe Warp Storms, the Fleet was left stranded in the Phall System and the Blade of Perdition later fought the Iron Warriors Legion during the Battle of Phall. During the battle, the Imperial Fists aboard the warship teleported aboard the Iron Warriors Heavy Cruiser Sire of Sabaktes and the Legionary Fasolt planted a Melta bomb in the Cruiser's armoury. The Imperial Fists then teleported back to the Blade of Perdition, right before the bomb exploded; this caused a chain reaction that completely destroyed the Sire of Sabaktes. As soon as they teleported back, however, the Fleet's Captain, Alexis Polux, gave the order for the Imperial Fists to retreat back to Terra. As the Retribution Fleet began to retreat, the Blade of Perdition served in the Legion's rearguard and fought the advancing Iron Warriors fleet in order to allow as many of the Imperial Fists' warships to escape into the Warp as possible. The Imperial Fists who commanded the Blade of Perdition had previously served with the Seneschal Fafnir Rann and his characteristics were present among them, as the Blade was one of the very last of the Imperial Fists' warships to obey Polux's command and escape into the Warp.[1]

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