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Blade of Vengeance

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The Blade of Vengeance is a Battle Barge in the Blood Angels Chapter.[1]


Its history dates back to the Horus Heresy, where the Blade was one of the first of its class, and among the most powerful[3b]. During the Battle Barge's many millennia of service, the Blade acted as the Blood Angels Chapter's flagship for the Cryptus Campaign[2][5] and the Devastation of Baal[3c]. Prior to Hive Fleet Leviathan reaching Baal, the Blade was among the defending forces that performed Exterminatus on nearby worlds. This was to deny their bio-mass to the advancing Hive Fleet, which it could use against Baal. The Blade is known to have led a strike force that helped destroy Zozan Tertius, under the command of Fleet Captain Asante, alongside an Angels Numinous strike force. Both then escaped[3a] back to Baal and the Blade became the defenders flagship, under the command of Captain Bellerophon. Asante would remain as its Flag Captain[3c] and Chapter Ancient Behelmor, would also be stationed aboard it.[3d]

However when Hive Fleet Leviathan finally attacked the world, its sheer amount of Bio Ships overwhelmed the defenders' fleets. The Blade would claim many of them, even as it was being boarded by hordes of Tyranids, before swarms of Razorfiends caused the Battle Barge to plummet into Baal[3c]. The Hive Fleet was later defeated with the arrival of the Indomitus Crusade, who were led by Lord Commander Guilliman. The Lord Commander would later privately meet with the Blood Angels' Commander Dante and during their discussions, Guilliman promised to salvage and rebuild the Blade of Vengeance.[3d]


Before it crashed into Baal[3c], the Blade's gundecks and towers were festooned in glorious sculptures, that were chased with gold and precious metals.[3b]

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