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Blades (Necromunda)

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The Blades were the three ancient warrior sisters, Celestria, Sydrena and Solarana, whose genetic legacy gave rise to both House Ulanti and House Escher.[1a]

What is known about the Sisters, comes mainly from the oral history, myths and legends maintained by the House Escher's Council of Crones. It is claimed that the Blades rose to power, while Necromunda was still known as Araneus Prime and was ruled by the Araneus Continuity's Iron Lords. The sisters would either serve or sometimes fight against these rulers, and earned their name by besting countless foes with only their wits and expert blade skills. However when the Imperium came to their world, during the Great Crusade, the Blades knew the time of the Iron Lords was over. They vowed to survive no matter what came next, though, and the sisters set up clone banks, deep beneath Hives, even as the Imperium invaded. These clone banks held gestated replicates of the sisters within stasis-fluids, which were then awoken when one of the Blades died. This cycle repeated for the the first 3,000 years of the Imperium's rule over the renamed Necromunda, which were marred by extreme violence.[1a]

During these dark millennia, Necromunda suffered under both the gang kings who resisted the Imperium's control and the draconian Adeptus Terra. Each sister, however, rose to became a queen of one of Necromunda's great Hives and their subjects considered them to be immortal. While ruling their Hives, the Blades made their mark on Necromunda's history, by either fighting against each other[1a], for or against the Imperium[1b] and even sometimes banding together to defeat a more powerful foe. These included outland warlords, psychic monsters and beasts of the underearth, which gave rise to stories like Celestria and the World Serpent, the Bleeding of Mynerva, or Solarana's Lament. One of the most famous stories, is the Hive of the Blood Drinkers, which saw the Sisters destroy a race of polymorphic Warp-beasts. These creatures had taken over Necromunda's Dreaming Spire Hive, but the Blades' invaded the Spire and killed them all, including the Blood King who led them. When Martek Helm'ayr later brought a stabilized rule to Necromunda, and was rewarded by becoming its Planetary Governor, the Blades saw that he represented the salvation of their world. They would go on to swear their fealty to Lord Helm'ayr and helped him maintain control of Necromunda.[1a]

However in time, though, the Blades realized their method of prolonging their existence could not continue forever. Their clone vaults were too vulnerable to sabotage or destruction at their foes' hands, so the Sisters combined their genetics into 12 children – five boys and seven girls. From these children the Escher bloodline was born, and even as the sisters lived out their final lives, after destroying their clone banks, their descendants prospered. Their service to Lord Helm'ayr, however, earned the Blades status as a Great House, and they and their children became known as House Ulandari. Centuries later, the House would fracture and eventually gave rise to both House Ulanti and House Escher[1a]. In 359.M38, however, a splinter-cult of House Escher's Chymists discovered one of the Blade's clone vaults, in the depths of Hive Arcos. Without realizing the danger, the Chymists awoke a number of the sisters' clones who, in their insanity, led a bloody murder spree throughout the Hive. When they were finished, the clones then varnished into Necromunda's ash wastes.[1b]