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Blades of Vengeance

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The Blades of Vengeance are a Dark Angels Successor Chapter[1].

Marine Basic Data Chapter Symbol
- Blades of Vengeance -
Founding Chapter: Dark Angels
Founding: Ultima Founding
Chapter Master: Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown
Fortress-Monastery: Unknown
Colours: Unknown
Strength: Unknown
Battle Cry: Unknown


The Blades of Vengeance were the first of the Primaris Space Marine Chapters created, from the Gene-seed of Lion El'Jonson and served with distinction in the Indomitus Crusade. In battle, they are known to exhibit not only the tenacious defence for which their Primarch was famed, but also show a talent for following up with brilliantly executed counter-attacks.[1]

Notable Engagements

  • War of Beasts — 2 Companies that fought independently across the north of Dontoria Hivesprawl on the planet of Vigilus.[2]

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