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Dark Matter Weaponry

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The Dark Eldar use a rather exotic, extremely dangerous energy dubbed Darklight in their anti-vehicle weaponry. How they harvest this energy is beyond current understanding, as it is believed that the only sources of Darklight that are available in the Materium are from black holes, warp storms, and similarly hazardous celestial phenomena.[2]

Dark Lance

Dark Lance[1b]

The most commonly seen example of Darklight Weaponry is the Dark Lance. Similar in construction to the Bright Lance of their Eldar cousin's forces, a Dark Lance is redesigned to allow for the use of Darklight ammunition. It's commonly found mounted on Raiders and Ravagers, although Kabalite Warriors are seen carrying them across the battlefield as well. The device uses magnetic containment and stabilization fields to prevent the Darklight from damaging the weapon or its user. The Darklight is accelerated very rapidly down the barrel by these same containment fields. Upon making contact with its target, it reacts very violently, tearing through armor regardless of thickness or composition, and in the event of the Dark Lances use on infantry, it's incredibly rare that any sign of the unfortunate target is left whatsoever.[2]


A Blaster is a smaller, lightweight version of a Dark Lance, which includes a semi-liquid stabilizer like that found in the Dark Eldar Splinter Cannon. This allows for Warrior squads to launch volleys of this devastating energy while running, although the more compact build of the gun significantly shortens the maximum range of the device. A smaller hand-held version of the Blaster is known as the Blast Pistol.[1a]

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