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Bleak Brotherhood

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The Bleak Brotherhood are a Chaos Space Marine warband.[1]

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
Bleak Brotherhood Marine.JPG
- Bleak Brotherhood -
Origin: Possibly Warp Ghosts[1] (dubious)[3]
Chaos dedication: Unknown
Colours: Black with green flames
Strength: Unknown
Bleak Brotherhood shoulderguard.jpg


Their noisome forces garrisoned the "widowmaker" bastion gate on Lycanthos Secundus that was successfully captured by Lufgt Huron during the Lycanthos Drift Campaign in 780.M41.[2] They survived this defeat, however, and were last encountered at the Cadian Gate.[1]

The Bleak Brotherhood has been described as a possible faction of the Warp Ghosts,[1] though this belief is probably mistaken. The Warp Ghosts are known as ferrymen and mercenaries, and they are often confused with their temporary employers. It is most likely that the Bleak Brotherhood only hired the Warp Ghosts on at least one occasion, leading Imperials to consider a deeper connection.[3]

Known Battles

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  • The Bleak Brotherhood has the same armour colours and symbol as the Apocalypse Company. Whether this is intentional on Games Workshop's part or not is unknown.