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Blight Drone

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Blight Drones in action[1]

The Blight Drone is a Daemon Engine of Chaos, usually employed by followers of the Chaos God Nurgle, particularly the Death Guard.

Seemingly a bizarre conglomeration of insect larvae, machine, and daemon engine, the Blight Drone is armed with rapid-fire autocannons and a maw-like apparatus capable of spewing noxious poisons and acid which can eat through both metal and flesh within seconds. Blight Drones prefer to operate in swarms and are drawn to battlefields with large amounts of dead. Though they were first encountered during the Siege of Vraks, Blight Drones have since been seen in use by The Purge Chaos Space Marine forces, during the Chaos invasion on Graia[3] and in the 13th Black Crusade.[1]


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