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Blinky is a Caryatid that has bonded to Necromunda's Planetary Governor Gerontius Helmawr, who treats it like a pet.[1]


The Governor's children are not fond of Blinky, though, as many believe Helmawr loves the Caryatid more than any of them. This is not without justification, as Blinky has more staff to see to its needs, than most Spire Nobles do[1]. However recently Blinky somehow went missing and this was learned by the Inquisitor Jena Orechiel, who has had past dealing with Helmawr, which includes their son Kal Jericho. For reasons unknown, she wanted possession of Blinky and sought the aid of the Hive Primus Guilder Forgan, to find the missing Caryatid. Forgan in turn sought the aid of the infamous spymaster Nemo, who learned that Blinky had come into the possession of the Redemptionist Desolation Zoon. Nemo then hired the Bounty Hunter Belladonna De'Escher to retrieve the Caryatid and she successfully did so. The Inquisitor then collected Blinky from Nemo while De'Escher was present and both knew to not mention a word of it to anyone, lest they suffer Orechiel's wrath.[2]