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The Blitza-Bommer is an Ork dive bomber suitable for the bravest (some might say the most unhinged) Flyboys. These aircrafts 'aim' their bombs by diving at the target, releasing their Boom Bomb at the very last moment possible - something which tends to panic the onboard Grot Gunner. As every flyboy knows, you go much faster when plummeting downwards, and some Orks completely forget to pull out of their dive and end up smashing into the ground. Once they've blown everything up (and hopefully not themselves) then there's a pair of supa shootas ready to mop up any stray or squishy targets.[1][2b]

Bigbomm under the Blitza-Bommer wing[3]


Blitza-Bommers are typically armed with a pair of Supa Shootas and a Grot-manned Big Shoota. Their payload consists of a pair of heavy types of bombs known as Boom Bombs.[1][2c]

Known Named Blitza-Bommers

Famous Blitza-Bommer Formations


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