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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Imperial anti-aircraft gun. For other uses of Blitzen, see Blitzen (disambiguation).

The Blitzen is an anti-aircraft gun used by the Imperial Guard, based on the Götterdämmerung Howitzer produced during the Krieg civil war.


Utilizing the same chassis as the Götterdämmerung made the Blitzen cheap and easy to produce and maintain. Large numbers were used to defend strategic targets against massive bomber formations during the civil war to provide relief for defending fighter aircraft. While the Blitzen cannot match the Hydra Flak Tank in terms of sheer firepower, it boasts superior range and can be easily pressed into an anti-tank role; it also cannot move under its own power and must be towed by an appropriate vehicle such as the Bruennhilde. Such was the Blitzen's popularity and versatility that it was resurrected to serve in the Baran War.[1]

Known Patterns