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Blood Angels (Novel Series)

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The Blood Angels Series are novels written by James Swallow that follow the adventures of Blood Angels Space Marine, Rafen.


Deus Encarmine

Rafen, a Space Marine of the Blood Angels, is torn between his loyalty to his chapter and that of his blood-brother Arkio. As his brother Arkio is proclaimed the reincarnation of the Lord Primogenitor Sanguinius all give fealty to the Reborn Angel. All except Rafen, that is. Inquisitor Remius Stele, a servant of Chaos, manipulates the situation to cause a schism in the Chapter. From the Blood Angels' home world of Baal comes the ruthless Lord of Death, Mephiston, sent forth by Chapter Master Dante to investigate and to judge, and he isn't known for his sense of mercy.

Deus Sanguinius

Rafen continues his struggle against his brother Arkio, pitching blood-brother against blood-brother, with only one final outcome. As the saga moves towards its final and bloody conclusion at the memorial world of Sabien, the Blood Angels' world is turned upside down as Battle Brothers fight one another alongside a most unexpected ally - the hated forces of Chaos! After Arkio and his Loyalist Space Marines learn of the perfidy of Chaos Agent and Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Remius Stele they must try and comprehend the awful realization that they have been duped, turned into unwitting Chaos pawns in a game designed to take their very souls. Have they already stepped over the edge or can Rafen pull them black from the black abyss?

Red Fury

Main article: Red Fury (Novel)

The Blood Angels teeter on the brink of oblivion following the events on the shrine world, Sabien; their fate lies within the hands and magnanimity of their successor Chapters. To stop things from getting out of control, Rafen must use all of his diplomacy to keep the peace between his men and his cousins of the Flesh Tearers Space Marine chapter. Yet, in the background and unbeknown to all, an old foe plots the downfall of the Blood Angels.

Black Tide

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With the precious blood of Sanguinius stolen and their home world struck by an insidious foe, Rafen is charged with a mission: Hunt down Fabius Bile, execute him, and recover the lost heirloom.

Short Stories

The Fury

In the midst of battle, one of Sanguinius’s sons teeters on the edge of oblivion, a heartbeat from damnation in the grip of his Chapter’s curse. A 1,000 word Blood Angels story by James Swallow.

Blood Debt

Inquisitor Ramius Stele is desperate to escape a world being consumed by the dread forces of Chaos. Salvation arrives in the form of Captain Erasmus Tycho and the Blood Angels. But Stele is hiding a deadly secret, and if the Blood Angels discover it, his life – and soul – will be forfeit.


Returning the Spear of Telesto to Baal after the conclusion of the Blood Angels civil war, newly-promoted Sergeant Rafen finds himself the subject of Astorath the Grim's attentions.

Heart of Rage

Brothers Nord and Kale of the Blood Angels enter the heart of a dead tyranid hive ship on a mission for the Adeptus Mechanicus – what horrors await them in the darkness?


Blood Angel Sergeant Rafen is on the verge of death, torn apart by a raging torrent within him - the raw power of the blood of Sanguinius.

Reflection in Blood

A squad of Blood Angels, commanded by Brother-Sergeant Rafen, face off against the Knights of Blood, sons of Sanguinius declared renegade by the Imperium. The traitors offer a gift to their parent Chapter, but can the Blood Angels trust anything that they provide?

Omnibus Editions

The Blood Angels Omnibus

Blood Angels: The Second Omnibus

The Blood Angels Collection

Blood Angels: The Complete Rafen Omnibus

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