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Blood Axes

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Blood Axes symbol[3]
A Blood Axes Ork[3]

The Blood Axes are an Ork clan


The Blood Axes were the first of the clans to encounter the Imperium. During their exposure and battles they picked up many human tactics, such as using camouflage (although often it is too bright to actually disguise the Ork), using looted Imperial vehicles and retreating when they're losing. They were also exposed to human culture and values, making them seem less trustworthy to other Ork clans.[2]

They trade with humans for equipment and vehicles, and have even worked as mercenaries for the Imperium at times (such as the Battle at Big Toof River). All of these things lead followers of other clans to brand them as dangerously treacherous, cowardly, and downright un-Orky.[Needs Citation]

Many Blood Axes are back-stabbing Kommandos. Their clan symbol is two crossed axes.[2]

Notable Blood Axes

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