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Blood Calm (Short Story)

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Blood Calm
Author Guy Haley
Publisher Black Library
Series Angels of Death
Preceded by Death of Integrity
Released October 2013
Pages 4
Collected in Angels of Death: The Digital Collection
Defenders of Mankind
This page contains spoilers for: Death of Integrity (Novel)

Blood Calm is a Blood Drinkers short story by Guy Haley. It was first published in October 2013 in the Angels of Death anthology.


Following the loss of Chapter Master Caedis, the entire Blood Drinkers Chapter gather at their Fortress Monastery on San Guisaga for the challenge between Captains Castor and Sorael to determine who will succeed Caedis as Chapter Master.[1]


Assembled in the Arena of Horandor in their Fortress Monastery on San Guisaga, the collective Blood Drinkers Chapter gather to witness a duel between Captains Castor of 1st Company and Sorael of 5th Company, to determine who will succeed Chapter Master Caedis[1a] after his loss on the Space Hulk Death of Integrity.[2] Denied the Rite of Holos for weeks, the challengers must maintain their self-control whilst fighting in the grip of the Red Thirst, for the Chapter Master must always be capable of maintaining a state of Blood Calm in any circumstance.[1b] The duel begins with the combatants bearing steel blades but ends in hand-to-hand combat, with a 'Blood Calm' Castor strangling the impatient Sorael into unconsciousness. For this victory, Castor is subsequently declared Chapter Master by Reclusiarch Mazrael.[1c]

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