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Blood Chalice

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A Sanguinary Priest holding a Blood Chalice aloft.

The Blood Chalices are chalices that contain the essence of Sanguinius.[1a] It is said that the very first Blood Chalices were given to the Sanguinary Priests by their Primarch.[1b]

Lost through war and catastrophe over the centuries, only a handful of Blood Chalices now remain; they are only entrusted to the most faithful and deserving members of the Chapter. However, fragments of destroyed Chalices are worked into the Nartheciums of the Blood Angels' Sanguinary Priests.[1b]

A Battle-Brother may drink from the Blood Chalice, removing any fatigue, damage or wounds (though not restoring lost limbs or other permanent injuries). Only Sanguinary Priests are ever entrusted with a Blood Chalice.[2]

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