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Blood Gorgons

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Chaos Space Marines; for the Novel by Henry Zou, see Blood Gorgons (Novel).

The Blood Gorgons are a traitor chapter whose actions are localised in the Bastion Sector. They were founded during the Cursed Founding.[3] From the planets they have conquered in the Bastion sector, the Gorgons strike against the Imperium, also protecting those same planets to use as recruiting worlds. Their heraldry is the Gorgon head of old Greek mythology.[Needs Citation]

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
- Blood Gorgons -
Chaos dedication: Chaos Undivided
Colours: burnt umbra[Needs Citation]
Strength: Unknown


The Blood Gorgons were a product of the 21st "cursed" Founding. Ultimately under the leadership of their Chapter Master the Blood Gorgons were declared traitor just 60 years after their creation. What followed next was a period of instability and anarchy for the Chapter as they were driven from their homeworld by the Space Wolves and pursued into the Eye of Terror. Shortly afterwards the Chapter took shelter on the Space Hulk Cauldron Born before descending into bands of warring sub-factions. It was only under the Chaos Lord Gammadin that the Blood Gorgons were reunified. Gammadin introduced a blood-bonding ritual and service to the Ruinous Powers as a means of maintaining unity. However unlike many other Chaos Space Marine factions, the Blood Gorgons are not slaves of Chaos and owe true allegiance to none but themselves. Shortly afterwards, the Blood Gorgons became active in the Bastion Sector.[3]

One of the most notable elements of the Blood Gorgons is their blood-rituals process by which two members of the warband become "bond brothers". The process, derived from Chaotic lore, involves exchanging organs, blood, and tissue between two members. The process can be extremely dangerous due to Daemonic corruption, but in the end both brothers emerge stronger and draw their power from one another.[3]

Unique to their chapter is that unlike most Traitor Astartes, the Gorgons do not tend to use fear and intimidation to achieve their own goals. Much rather they show a level of understanding and focus that is rarely seen by the Traitor Legions.[Needs Citation]

Known Activities

  • On the planet Solo-Baston four Blood Gorgons led an insurrection of the indigenous population, known as the Carnibales, against Imperial forces. The four Gorgons called themselves Dos Pares. They assisted the tribals by teaching them basic military strategy, smuggling disassembled weaponry on planet and also genetic alteration using Daemon blood to create their Disciples.[Needs Citation]

Known Blood Gorgons

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