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Blood Gorgons (Novel)

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Blood Gorgons
Author Henry Zou
Publisher Black Library
Series Bastion Wars
Preceded by Flesh and Iron
Released 2011
Pages 416
Editions 2011 softcover:
ISBN 9780857871374

Blood Gorgons is the third novel in the Bastion Wars novel series by Henry Zou. It was first published in 2011.

Book Description

The Blood Gorgons Chaos Space Marines are called to one of their recruiting worlds as the populace is struck down by a plague of mutation. Sargaul is one of few survivors of the first expeditionary force, and is determined to uncover the mysteries on Haute Bassiq. Facing a hostile environment, shadowy xenos enemies and treachery from within his own forces, Sargaul must dig deep into his hatred and determination to leave the planet alive.

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