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Blood Prince

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The Blood Prince was a mighty Daemon Prince of Khorne which ruled over a Daemon World deep within the Eye of Terror.[1]

When the Blood Prince's domain came under attack from the Ork Warboss Tuska, the Blood Prince and his legions marshaled against the rampaging aliens and inflicted devastating losses on them. The Blood Prince then engaged Tuska himself in personal combat, seemingly breaking the Warlord. Just as the Blood Prince was about to finish Tuska, his Weirdboyz managed to distract the Daemon using their psychic powers, giving Tuska enough time to impale the creature between its legs with his Power Klaw before being killed himself. However, due to the powers of the Warp, both the Blood Prince and Tuska were to be reborn. With every new day on the Daemon world, Tuska and his Boyz find themselves reanimated and do battle with the Daemonic hordes of the Blood Prince once more in an eternal cycle of life, battle, and death.[1]

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