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Blood Ravens Armoury

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The Blood Ravens Space Marine Chapter generally utilise the same wargear as other chapters, but, like all chapters, they have their own unique relics and weaponry.

General Wargear

Main article: Space Marine Armoury

Close Combat Weapons

Close Combat Weapons
Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes Sources
Alexian's Blade Power Sword Wielded by Davian Thule during the Kronus Campaign, and by Aramus during the Second Aurelian Crusade. [2][3]
Ardent Wrath Power Sword "Strength from Wrath", is inscribed on the Power Sword's pommel [1]
Arms of the Titan Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield [7]
Axe of the Fearless Crusader Power Axe [7]
Axe of the Frostrider Power Axe [2]
Axe of the Iron Snake Power Axe Once belonged to the Iron Snakes Chapter, but now in possession of the Blood Ravens [7]
Axe of the Ravens Power Axe A gift to the Blood Ravens from the Raven Guard [2]
Azrael's Second Heavenfall Blade(allegedly) Said to be a cousin of the Dark Angels' Grand Master Azrael's legendary Sword of Secrets [1]
Bedlam Staff of Sindri Myr Force Staff Corrupted weapon once used by Sindri Myr, Sorcerer of the Alpha Legion [2]
Black Rage Chainsword Named based on rumors that Blood Ravens were suffering from the same affliction common to the Blood Angels. [1]
Blade of the Martyr Force Sword Once wielded by Azariah Moriah, then Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens, at the siege of Patel Major [7]
The Blade of the Unrelenting Power Sword Anointed by Azariah Vidya himself in the early days of the Blood Ravens Chapter [2]
Blade of Ulyus Chainsword Used by Sergeant Ulyus during the Dark Crusade to destroy a Necron Pariah on Kronus. [1]
Blade of Zeal Power sword Blessed by legendary Chaplain Elizur. [1]
Bone Saw Chainsaw [7]
Brennen's Will Power Axe [7]
Crusader Force Sword Force Sword The blade is specially attuned to target enemies tainted by the Warp [7]
Crusader's Zeal Chainsword [1]
Doom of Apostasy Thunder Hammer Legend has it that the Black Templar High Marshal Sigenandus wielded this mighty Thundar Hammer during the Terran Crusade [7]
Doom of Traitors Thunder Hammer [7]
Dorn's Retribution Thunder Hammer Named for the mighty Imperial Fists' Primarch [1]
Dread Maul of Skarbrand Thunder Hammer Said to blaze with the infernal rage of the exiled Bloodthirster Skarbrand [2]
Fang of Fenris Power Axe Named in honour of the Space Wolves and the Fang. [1]
Fist of Belial Terminator Power Fist Named in honor of the Dark Angels' Master of the Deathwing. [1]
Fist of Crimson Terminator Power Fist Forged in honour of the Crimson Fists Chapter [1]
Force Blade of Endurance Force Sword [1]
Force Sword of Vigor Force Sword [2]
Forgebreaker Thunder Hammer Personal weapon formerly used by Fulgrim, Ferrus Manus and Perturabo. [2]
Gauntlet of the Ancients Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons Entrusted to Venerable Dreadnoughts. [1]
Gauntlet of Blood Power Fist Contains the blood of numerous xenos species within its power field. [1]
Gauntlet of the First Company Terminator Power Fist [2]
Gauntlet of the Templar Terminator Power Fist Named in honor of the Black Templars. [1]
Gift of Blackmane Power Axe Named in honor of Ragnar Blackmane, Wolf Lord of the Space Wolves. [1]
Gladius of Tenacity Chainsword [1]
Glaive of Pavonis Power Sword Was forged for the Blood Ravens by the Techpriests of Mars soon after the Kronus Campaign [1]
God-Splitter Daemonhammer Wielded by Gabriel Angelos, gifted to him by Inquisitor Mordecai Toth. [4]
Growling Hate Chainsword Was once wielded by the Chapter's legendary Chapter Master Azariah Vidya himself [1]
Hammer of Cadia Thunder Hammer Was used by Captain Davian Thule, against the forces of Chaos during the defense of Kasr Sonnen on Cadia 1}}
Hand of Calder Power Fist Named for the founder of Calderis. [1]
Hand of Mercy Power Fist Engraved with the blessings of Chaplain Mikelus [2]
Hand of Rage Terminator Power fist Named in honor of the Blood Angels. [1]
Hand of Trythos Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons [1]
Holy Arms of the Champion Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield The thunder hammer Deliverance and the storm shield Repudiation are worn by the Blood Raven veteran serving as the Emperor's Champion. [1]
Ironfist Power Fist [1]
Judgment of the Khan Power axe Named in honor of Jaghatai Khan, the primarch of the White Scars. [1]
Lucian's Rod Force Staff [6b]
Lysander's Judgment Thunder Hammer Named in honour of First Captain Darnath Lysander of the Imperial Fists. [1]
Malleus Terminatus Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield [1]
Matchless Savagery of Russ Power Axe Named in honour of Leman Russ. [1]
Mephitic Perdition of Flies Power Fist Originally wielded by Death Guard Solun Decius during the Horus Heresy; corrupted by Nurgle [2]
Might of Moriah Force Staff Said to have been the personal weapon of Azariah Moriah [7]
Of Fire and Blood Power Axe [2]
Ork Crusher Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons Made famous by Dreadnought Callum's actions aboard an Ork submersible. [1]
Ork Render Chainsword Originally wielded against Warboss Gorgutz during the Kronus Campaign, the war spirit within the Chainsword is said to have a taste for Greenskin blood [2]
Pitiless Force Sword Force Sword [2]
Prized of the Iron Wolf Power Axe Honoured by Iron Priest Bjorkstein of the Space Wolves. [1]
Pulse of Jonas Power Sword [7]
Ravenous Chainsword The blade thirsts for violence and forces its ravenous appetite upon all who wield it [2]
Redzak's Venom Power Sword Corrupted with the pestilence of Nurgle [2]
Rending Might Power Fist Once possessed by Blood Ravens hero Trythos. [1]
Rogal's Fist Power Mace Created by the Primarch of the Imperial Fists Chapter, Rogal Dorn. Currently in the possession of the Blood Ravens [8]
The Shield and Thunder of Lyonis Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield [2]
Snarl of the Wolf Chainsword Used by the Blood Ravens during the reclamation of Jameson Reach, near the Maelstrom. [1]
Shielded Lightning Claw Lightning Claws [2]
Staff of Jove Force Staff [2]
Stalwart Blade of Champions Power Sword "Never shall I falter in carrying out His will." – Inscription. [1]
Sword of Purity Power Sword Created to honour those who fight with pure hearts to defend their home worlds [1]
Sword of the Codicier Force Sword For centuries, only the most promising of the Blood Raven’s Codiciers have been entrusted with its use [7]
Tartarus Chainsword Wielded by Matiel during the Tartarus campaign against the Orks. [1]
Talons of Faith Lightning Claw Bears seals and icons of the Ecclesiarchy and the Adepta Sororitas [2]
Talons of Lebes-Nerais Lightning Claw [7]
Tireless Force Sword Force Sword [2]
Undeniable Hammer of Truth Thunder Hammer Wielded by Chaplain Jorge on the bridge of an Eldar Corsair ship. [1]
The Unstained Blade Chainsword No matter what ichor and gore it is immersed in, the teeth of The Unstained Blade always emerge from its frame clean and sharp [2]
Warrior Force Sword Master Crafted Force Sword The Sword uses the wielder's psychic power to make them a master swordsmen [2]
Wisdom Power Sword Wielded by Davian Thule, later passed to Sergeant Aramus during the Aurelian Crusade. [5]
Xenosplitter Chainsword [1]

Ranged Weapons

Ranged Weapons
Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes Sources
Alpha Rifle Sniper Rifle Taken from a slain member of the Alpha Legion on the planet Tartarus [2]
Ancient Flamer Flamer Said to date back to the Age of Apostasy [7]
Angel's Deathdealer Bolter [2]
Argentus' Fury Boltgun Gifted to Blood Ravens Sergeant Argentus by the Salamanders chapter, equipped with Dragonfire Bolts. [1]
Artificer Bolter Boltgun [7]
Bane of Fiends Heavy Bolter [1]
Banisher of Night Plasma Pistol [1]
Beacon Of Truth Dreadnought Multi-Melta Bears the blessings of over a dozen Chaplains and Techpriests [2]
Blasphemy of the Mechanicus Plasma Gun [7]
Blaze of Retribution Plasma Gun [1]
Blazing Light of Truth Plasma Gun [7]
Blighted Bolter Boltgun [1][2]
Blinding Revelation Plasma Pistol [1]
Bringer of Devastation Heavy Bolter The Bringer of Devastation has a place of honour in the Ninth Company's armoury. [1]
Bringer of Hope Boltgun [7]
Brother's Keeper Bolter [1]
Chant of Resolve Heavy Bolter [1]
Chorus of Resolve Dreadnought Assault Cannon [1]
Cleansing Gift of the Inferno Heavy Flamer [1]
Cold Mercy Sniper Rifle Used by Indrick Boreale. [1]
Consecrated Bolter Bolter Masterwork Bolter blessed by the Techpriests of Mars [7]
Coward's Pardon Shotgun [1]
Cruelty of Geoffros Stormbolter Formerlly wielded by the Heretical Crimson Fists Space Marine Geoffros [2]
Crusader Assault Cannon Dreadnought Assault Cannon [7]
Crusader Boltgun Bolter Engraved with markings of purity and condemnations for those seduced by Chaos [7]
Cunning of the Night Wolf Sniper Rifle Given to Scout Sergeant Cyrus by the Rune Priest Volund Thundertooth [7]
Daemonfury Daemon Weapon Plasma Gun bound with a foul Daemon of jealousy [7]
Deathdealer Bolter [1]
Deathtouch of the Angel Sniper Rifle [1]
Doom Howler Terminator Assault Cannon Sigils of hate and fury are inscribed along its barrels [2]
Earsplitter Heavy Bolter In battle the wailing sounds of the Earsplitter are said to pierce the enemy's very soul and have caused enemies to break ranks in fear [1]
Emperor's Justice Shotgun [1]
End of Innocence Shotgun [2]
Endless Purgation Flamer [1]
Executioner's Mercy Shotgun [1]
Executioner of Heretics Bolt Pistol Found by the Blood Ravens near the body of a murdered Inquisitor [1]
Fate of Traitors Heavy Flamer Used during the Kronus Crusade against turncoat Guardsmen and Heretics [7]
Fearful Judgment Shotgun [1]
Fearsome Light of Faith Plasma Gun [1]
Fiery Scourge of the Witch Hunters Heavy Bolter Once wielded by the Sisters of Battle, it has since been refitted to accommodate the frame of the Blood Ravens [2]
Fire of the Ancients Assault Cannon [1]
Flame of Terra Flamer [1]
Fleshtearer Rifle Sniper Rifle [2]
Foe Smiter Bolt Pistol [1]
Gale of Truth Storm Bolter [1]
Gaze of Tigurius Lascannon [2]
Gelid Truth Storm Bolter Rumored to have been wielded by the Space Wolves hero Ulrik the Slayer during the First War of Armageddon [7]
Gift of Anupharis Shotgun Once proud weapon, that now bears a curse from the Chaos Sorcerer Anupharis [2]
Gift of the Righteous Initiate Sniper rifle [1]
Golden Fury of Terra Plasma Cannon Has seen service in over a hundred Crusades and has never once failed its wielder [2]
Guardian of Faith Boltgun [1]
Guilliman's Example Bolter [2]
Hail of Fury Storm Bolter [1]
Hate of the Xenos Plasma pistol [1]
Heresy's Reach Master Crafted Shotgun Thought lost during a doomed mission aboard the Space Hulk Heresy's End. Later found in the Aurelia subsector by the Blood Ravens. [2]
Hellfire Pistol Bolt pistol Loaded with Hellfire Rounds, this bolt pistol carries fewer rounds per magazine, but makes up for it with the destructive power of the ammunition. [1]
Herald of the Coming Doom Bolt pistol Used against the Guardsmen of the 1st Kronus Regiment during the Dark Crusade. [1]
The Herald of War Plasma Pistol This legendary weapon has surfaced during countless engagements of the Blood Ravens [1]
Holy Bolter of the Ancient Boltgun A revered relic of the Ultramarines, legends speak that Marneus Calgar once owned the weapon. Now in the possession of the Blood Ravens [7]
Honored Silence Sniper rifle [1]
Immortal Purgation Heavy Flamer [1]
Inferno of Baal Flamer First crafted on the Blood Angels' Homeworld of Baal, it is uncertain how this flamer came into the hands of the Blood Ravens [1]
Initiate's Lesson of Strength Shotgun Named for a squad of Neophytes who "defeated" squads of Devastator Marines, under Scout Sergeant Cyrus. [1]
Jupiter Thunder Plasma Gun Legendary weapon used by the Deathwatch. Was thought to have been lost in battle during the fall of the Andreas System to the Orks, but it has since been found by the Blood Ravens [7]
Kiraly's Retribution Lascannon [7]
Lament of Mars Missile Launcher [1]
Lance of Furious Dawn Missile Launcher [1]
Lance of the Angel Lascannon [2]
Lamentation of Heretics Plasma Gun "Suffer not the unclean to live." Inscribed along the grip. [1]
Left Hand of Gabriel Bolt pistol [1]
Left Hand of the Just Plasma pistol [1]
Light of Salvation Plasma Gun [1]
Lightbringer Flamer [7]
The Lion's Roar Heavy bolter Forged in honour of Lion El'Jonson, Primarch of the Dark Angels. [1]
Manifest Fury Plasma cannon [1]
Mark of Exitus Sniper Rifle [2]
Naaman's Silence Sniper rifle Use attributed to Dark Angels Scout Sergeant Naaman on Piscina IV. [1]
Optically Enhanced Assault Cannon Dreadnought Assault Cannon [7]
Ork Killer Bolt pistol [1]
Ortega's Last Judgment Shotgun Arbites Mk IX Shotgun, named for Virgil Ortega, martyred on Pavonis during the Nightbringer uprising. [1]
Pistol of Baal Bolt pistol Stamped with the teardrop icon of the Blood Angels. [1]
Pitiless Assault Cannon Dreadnought Assault Cannon [7]
Pitiless Boltgun Boltgun [7]
Plaguespitter Bolter Corrupted weapon once used by Cachexis of the Death Guard [2]
Precision of Death Sniper rifle [1]
Purgation of the Anathema Flamer [2]
Purgatorus Bolt Pistol
Purge of Victory Bay Heavy bolter Used by the Blood Ravens during the final assault against the 1st Kronus Regiment during the Dark Crusade. [1]
Purification of Sin Flamer [1]
Purifier of Tombs Plasma gun Carried by Battle-brother Damon during the Blood Ravens' raid on the Necron catacombs on Kronus. [1]
Rage of Eres Meltagun A corrupted weapon that seethes with inhuman rage [2]
Relentless Will of the Emperor Bolter The Blood Ravens' lore claims the Bolter was once used by the Adeptus Custodes, the personal guards of the Emperor on Terra [7]
Righteous Inferno Flamer Said to have once been wielded by a member of the legendary Custodes [2]
Righteous Wisdom Boltgun Originally used by Blood Ravens Librarian Sunnis. [1]
Rising Fury Bolt pistol [1]
Roar of Revelation Shotgun [1]
Roar of Truth Shotgun [1]
The Sacred Lance Missile Launcher Each missile loaded into the Sacred Lance receives benedictions of fury and accuracy [1]
Salamander's Tongue Meltagun Blessed by a Forgefather of the Salamanders Chapter [2]
Scorching Doom of Deimos Meltagun [7]
Scourge of Xenos Heavy Bolter Originally wielded by Brother Brin in the service of the Deathwatch. [1]
Scourging Fury Plasma gun [1]
Searing Plasma Gun Plasma Gun [7]
Sighted Fury of the Forge World Sniper Rifle [1]
Silent Wrath Sniper Rifle Has been passed down through the ages as a priceless relic of the Blood Ravens Tenth Company. [1]
Solar Immolator Dreadnought Multi-Melta [2]
Stalker Boltgun Bolter [1]
Stalwart Companion Bolt Pistol Use attributed to Sergeant Galen of the Imperial Fists. [1]
Talon of the Doom Eagle Plasma Pistol Part of a matched set with the Eagle Talon. [1]
Telion's Chosen Sniper rifle Use attributed to Ultramarines Scout Sergeant Torias Telion on Ichar IV. [1]
Tempest of Fire Storm Bolter [1]
Terror of Xenos Boltgun Inscription: "Let all xenos tremble before the Angels of Death." [1]
Titan Smasher Missile Launcher Once belonged to the Red Wolves Chapter, before it was lost and then later found by the Blood Ravens [7]
Traitor's Sidearm Melta Pistol Looted from the body of a Chaos Champion and eventually ended in the hands of the Blood Ravens [2]
Twin Testament of War Storm Bolter [1]
Unending Torrent of Fury Dreadnought Assault Cannon Sanctified by Techmarines of the Imperial Fists Chapter [7]
Unending War Storm bolter [1]
Unerring Thunderbolt Missile launcher [1]
Unflagging Resolve Bolt Pistol [2]
Unforgiving Truth Boltgun Created by master artificier Isaak Jordanos. [1]
Unseen Demise of the Vain Sniper Rifle Traditionally reserved for use by the 10th Company's most veteran Scout Sergeants, during assassination missions. [1]
Valorous Bolter A treasured symbol of valour on and off the field off battle [1]
Vulkan Launcher Grenade Launcher [2]
Vulkan's Wrath Plasma Cannon [1]
Wrath of the Just Terminator Assault Cannon [1]
Xavier's Torch Meltagun Originally belonged to the Salamanders chapter, later lost before being recovered by the Blood Ravens [7]
Zeal of the Primarchs Assault Cannon [1]


Name Type Notes Sources
Abjuration of Fear Master Crafted Power Armour [1]
Aegis of Obliteration Terminator Armour Stripped from a mortally wounded Astral Claws renegade during the Badab War and re-purposed for the Blood Ravens [2]
Armature of Zeal Power armour [1]
Armour of Azariah Power Armour Was once worn by the Chapter's legendary Chapter Master Azariah Vidya [1]
Armour of Brotherhood Power Armour [1]
Armour of Faith Power Armour Worn by Librarians of the Chapter. [2]
Armour of Fortitude Power Armour Reservoir of stimulants carried in this armour, grant the wearer extra strength and fortitude. [7]
Armour of Leadership Power Armour Traditionally awarded to Battle Brothers of the Chapter's Fourth Company upon their promotion to Sergeant. [7]
Armour of Purity Power Armour [1]
Armour of the Crusader Power Armour [1]
Armour of the Destroyer Power armour [1]
Armour of Purgation Power armour Indelibly stained with Ork blood, thought to be a potent talisman against the greenskins. [1]
Armour of Vandea Power Armour [1]
Armour of Victory Power Armour [1]
Barding of Kazmirus Terminator Armour [2]
Barding of Mars Dreadnought Armour [1]
Barding of Ultramar Power Armour [1]
Blessed Cage Terminator Armour According to the Blood Ravens archives, the armour was placed before the Golden Throne itself [2]
The Blighted Power Armour Power Armour Contains a fragment of Cyrene's crust incorporated into the shoulder plate, after the Exterminatus of that world. [1]
Blood of Martyrs Power Armour [1]
Brigandine of Honour Scout Armour [1]
Brigandine of Swiftness Scout Armour [1]
Carapace Of Insight Scout Armour [1]
Carapace of Pain Power Armour Reforged from the Power Armour recovered from slain members of the Alpha Legion on planet Tartarus [2]
Carapace of Purgation Scout Armour [1]
Carapace of War Power Armour [1]
Crimson Immortality Power Armour Hung on display during the Blood Trials as an inspiration to competing Aspirants. [1]
Crusade Eternal Terminator Armour [1]
Cuirass of Azariah Power Armour [1]
Defender of His Will Power Armour [1]
Despair of Heretics Power Armour [1]
Faith of Janus Power Armour [7]
Favored of Baradiel Power Armour Said to incorporate several modifications favored by the Dark Angels Master Baradiel [1]
Fury of Lemartes Power Armour Named for the legendary Lemartes of the Blood Angels Chapter [1]
Gift of Mars Power Armour [1]
Glory of Matiel Power Armour [1]
Golden Armour of the Custodes Power Armour Among the most revered artifacts of the Blood Ravens. Believed to have been worn by one of the Custodes guarding the Emperor; when they boarded Horus' Battle Barge, the Vengeful Spirit [2]
Grim Silence Scout Armour [1]
Helm of the Champion Master Crafted Power Armour helmet [7]
Hidden Knowledge Scout Armour [1]
Holy Armour of Purgation Power Armour Grey Knight armour claimed by the Blood Ravens after the Necron assault on Lorn V [7]
Holy Mantle of Elizur Power Armour [1]
Honour of Terra Power Armour Created for the Blood Ravens by master artificers of Mars. [1]
Honour of the Blood Ravens Terminator Armour [7]
Isador's Folly Master Crafted Power Armour Intended for Librarian Isador Akios, the Power Armour had yet to be delivered when Isador fell to heresy during the Tartarus Campaign. [1]
The Mail of Zeal Power Armour [1]
Mantle of Holy Fury Power Armour [1]
Mantle of the Great Father Power Armour Originally belonged to Chapter Master/Chief Librarian Azariah Vidya. [1]
Mantle of Calderis Power Armour [1]
Mantle of the Codicier Psychic Hood [2]
Mantle of Kronus Power armour [1]
Mantle of Stone Power Armour [7]
Merciless Truth Power armour [1]
Mercy of Russ Power Armour Forged following instructions from Iron Priest Bjorksten in the wake of the Purge of Kading Prime [2]
Neophytic Pride Scout Armour [7]
Raven Mantle Power Armour [1]
Raven's Barding of Flight Power Armour [1]
Scales of Lerma Power Armour Recovered by the Blood Ravens, from the corpse of a Chaos Champion of the World Eaters during the Daemonic incursion of Lerma IV [2]
Scales of the Salamander Power Armour [1]
Shielding of Righteousness Power Armour [1]
Shroud of Faith Power Armour Bears the blessings of the Order of the Bloody Rose, who gifted it to the Blood Ravens [7]
Steadfast Plating Dreadnought Armour Prayers of retribution are engraved across this holy plating [1]
Steel of Dorn Power Armour Named after Rogal Dorn, Primarch of the Imperial Fists [1]
Suffering's Den Power Armour Corrupted suit forged by a mad Techpriest from the armours of fallen Traitors near the end of the Horus Heresy [2]
Tenth Company of Honours Scout Armour [1]
Testament of Hate Power Armour [1]
Tomb of Champions Dreadnought Armour Reserved for the Chapter's greatest champions [7]
Undying Aura of the Primarchs Power Armour [1]
The Unwavering Warrior Power Armour [1]
Vault of Captain Trythos Dreadnought Armour Once housed Honorius Trythos, before he fell in battle on the planet Tartarus [1]
Vault of Deep Night Dreadnought Armour Was worn by the Iron Snakes' Dreadnought Autolochus, before he met his end in battle. It was later found by the Blood Ravens [1]
Vigiles Arcanum Terminator Armour [1]
Warp Crown Psychic Hood [2]
Wisdom's Boon Dreadnought Armour [1]
The Wolf's Barding Power armour Named for the Space Wolves after the two Tech-Priests who created it dueled each other in an argument. [1]


Name Type Notes Sources
Ancient Teleporter Terminator Armour Teleport Pack Among the very oldest relics of the Blood Ravens [1]
Banner of Ithaka Space Marine Standard The standard belonged to the Iron Snakes and was lost during a campaign against the Dark Eldar. It was later recovered by the Blood Ravens [1]
Black Halo of Cadia Iron Halo [1]
Chapter Battle Standard Space Marine Standard [1]
Command Teleporter Teleport Pack [1]
Corona Tempestus Iron Halo [1]
Coronet of Honour Iron Halo Said to have been forged under the supervision of the Blood Ravens' "Great Father" Azariah Vidya [1]
Crown of Iron Iron Halo [1]
Diadem of Dante Iron Halo This golden halo was forged in honour of Chapter Master Dante of the Blood Angels Chapter [1]
Heraldry of Davian Thule Space Marine Standard The standard celebrates the victories of Captain Thule, and bears the symbols of his victories on numerous planets [1]
Heraldry of Gabriel Angelos Space Marine Standard Bears Angelos' personal heraldry and has seen countless battles and unending war [1]
Laurels of Hadrian Iron Halo [1]
Laurels of the Crusader Iron Halo [1]
Librarium Texts Books [6a]
Osseous Halo Iron Halo An artifact from the earliest days of the Chapter [1]
Pinions of the Deathangel Jump Pack One of the earliest relics of the Blood Ravens [1]
Soaring Truth Jump Pack [1]
Standard of Aurelia Space Marine Standard [2]
Standard of Azariah Space Marine Standard Was once carried by Azariah Vidya, a legendary former Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens [1]
Standard of Calderis Space Marine Standard [1]
Standard of Fearless Leadership Space Marine Standard A holy relic of the Blood Ravens [1]
Standard of Kronus Space Marine Standard [1]
Standard of Meridian Space Marine Standard [1]
Standard of Tartarus Space Marine Standard [1]
Standard of Typhon Space Marine Standard [1]
The Testament of Molinas Space Marine Standard Made from a page ripped from a massive tome, stolen from the Black Library [2]
Titan Teleporter Terminator Armour Teleporter Pack [7]
Wings of Shrike Jump pack Named in honour of Kayvaan Shrike of the Raven Guard [1]
Wreath of Conquest Iron Halo Was going to be given to Captain Indrick Boreale upon his victorious return from the Conquest of Kaurava [1]
Ancient Purity Seal Purity Seal [7]
Hymn of Zeal Purity Seal Inscription: "Hold on to your righteous hate my brothers. Let the lives of all aliens end with your blade. The mutant's cries of pain echo through the halls of the damned and the heretics' souls be extinguished by your furious retribution." [1]
Oath of Loyalty Purity Seal Inscription: "We are united in purity of purpose -- brothers in more than any name or blood bond. We are the Space Marines of the Imperium, we are the gleaming blade in His fist. The shield that protects His works. Never shall we falter in our duty not just to the Imperium, but each other." [1]
Parable of the Lion Purity Seal Inscription: "Be not like the lion who leaves a viper to guard his den and is surprised to find serpents there upon his return." [1]
Prayer of Steel Purity Seal Inscription: "The true warrior girds himself in faith, and every blow suffered, serves but to temper its steel." [1]
Prayer of the Righteous Purity Seal Inscription: "My Emperor, let your might guard those righteous warriors who face the enemies of Man. Protect us from harm that we may war in your name." [1]
Psalm of the Warriors Purity Seal Inscription: "Blessed be the Warriors, brothers of steel and fury. Those who stand against the enemies of man and carry forward His light into the darkness between the stars shall ever be in His grace." [1]


Name Type Notes Sources
Razorback Rikarius anti-infantry vehicle Razorback variant [9]