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Blood of Asaheim (Novel)

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Blood of Asaheim
Cover art by Raymond Swanland
Author Chris Wraight
Publisher Black Library
Series Blood of Asaheim
Followed by Stormcaller
Released April 2013
Pages 332
Editions 2013 softcover:
ISBN 9781849703062

Blood of Asaheim is a Black Library novel by Chris Wraight, the first in a new series featuring the Space Wolves. It was published in April 2013.

Cover Description

After half a century apart, in service to the Deathwatch and the Chapter, Space Wolves Ingvar and Gunnlaugr are reunited. Sent to defend an important shrine world against the plague-ridden Death Guard, the Grey Hunters clash with the pious Sisters of Battle, who see the Space Wolves as little better than the enemy they fight. As enemies close in around them and treachery is revealed, Gunnlaugur and his warriors must hold the defenders together – even as hidden tensions threaten to their the pack apart.


The name of one of the main characters is spelled Gunnlaugr on the Black Library webpage for Blood of Asaheim, but the novel itself consistently spells it Gunnlaugur.


Cover art

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