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Blood of Iax (Novel)

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Blood of Iax
Author Robbie MacNiven
Publisher Black Library
Released September 2018
Pages 244
Length 9 hours 31 minutes
Editions Ebook (September 2018);
Hardback special edition (September 2018)

Blood of Iax is a novel by Robbie Macniven.

Cover Description

In the age of the Dark Imperium, Primarch Guilliman’s Primaris Ultramarines are a shining beacon in the darkness of war. On the Imperial Hive World of Ikara IX, Chaplain Kastor and Apothecary Polixis, brothers in blood as well as in battle, stand firm against the endless Greenskin horde. But a threat is looming. An invasion like no other assaults the broken city of Shebat, as the crazed warlord Urgork arrives to lay waste to the Imperial forces and capture a Primaris Marines for his own twisted ends. As Kastor and Polixis find themselves separated by the disaster that unfolds, the brothers must turn the tide of war to win the battles that rage within their very natures, as well as those upon the battlefield.[2]

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Blood of Iax, hardback

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