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Blood of Isha

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The Blood of Isha are crystals, which according to Eldar myths, were created by Isha, the mother goddess of the Eldar. She fell beside her beloved, her fellow god Kurnous, stricken by the Chaos power that is Slaanesh; as it strode through the heavens slaying the Gods of the Eldar. The tales further tell how, as Slaanesh raised its hands to slay the already mortally wounded Isha, it was attacked with maniacal ferocity by the Eldar’s bloody handed god of war, Khaine. Though she knew her time was short, and that Slaanesh would soon absorb her, she had yet one gift to give to her people, her Eldar. As the drops of her blessed blood fell, she willed them from the Heavens to the realm of mortals, and further to land on all the worlds of the Eldar. A few drops fell on each world, as the Eldar were many and far flung then. They became perfect drops of crystal that would heal all woes for any who held them. In this way, Isha would always be with her children.[1]