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Blood of Khaine

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The Blood of Khaine was one of the mightiest vessels of Craftworld Iyanden's fleet.

In 585.M40[1] it was boarded by the Imperial Fists, among them Sergeant Darnath Lysander. The successful capture of the Blood of Khaine led to Lysander taking command of the Second Company.[2]

The Space Marines moved their prize to the shipyards of Hypnoth, where its battered remains were to be studied by the Adeptus Mechanicus. However, before the Imperials could carry out their plan, Eldar Admiral Draech launched a reprisal attack against Hypnoth. During the raid, the Eldar deliberately destroyed the Blood of Khaine, then sent Ghost Warrior boarding parties to destroy two Imperial Fists Strike Cruisers in orbit: the Vengeful Praetor and the Stalwart Hammer. After being overwhelmed by Wraithblades, the Imperials scuttled both vessels. Their vengeance exacted, the Eldar slipped away from Hypnoth's ravaged defenses.[1]