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The Bloodgorged are a Khorne Warband.[1a]

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
Bloodgorged Marine.jpg
- Bloodgorged -
Origin: Unknown
Leader: Unknown
Chaos dedication: Khorne[1a]
Colours: Armour of brass and red edged in gunmetal[1b]
Strength: Unknown
Bloodgorged Badge.jpg


The fury of the Bloodgorged are feared by all, but none more so than those who offer praise to Khorne's sibling rivals. The Bloodgorged see those who worship Nurgle, Tzeentch or Slaanesh as blinkered fools, whose misplaced faith cannot go unpunished. They further believe that there is no greater offering to Khorne than the violently obtained blood and skulls of those who worship his brothers. To this end, the Bloodgorged fight a war of faith as they prey upon the followers of the other Chaos Gods and their attack ships haunt the Eye of Terror, the Maelstrom and many other hunting grounds where Chaos Space Marines may be found. Meanwhile, Cultists labour in their name all across the galaxy, stamping out rival sects and preparing the way for the Bloodgorged to invade their worlds. At such times the slaughter reaches new heights, with the surprised defenders of the targeted worlds, scrambling to drive off the warring Chaos factions. The Bloodgorged revel in the gory mayhem of such conflicts, for only in such anarchic bloodbaths can Khorne truly be offered praise.[1a]

Domains Near The Skullstar

To the galactic west of the Golgotha System, mired amid violently shifting Warp currents, the Skullstar hangs menacingly in the void. A furiously burning solar body of enormous size, this star is aptly named for it resembles nothing so much as an almighty, leering skull. Historically, voidfarers have steered well clear of this baleful phenomenon for the Skullstar is said to drive men mad with hatred. To the Bloodgorged though, the Skullstar is nothing less than a divine manifestation of Khorne's boundless wrath. In their efforts to worship the baleful star, the Bloodgorged's warships long ago braved the Warp storms surrounding it and landed hordes of Cultists and labourers upon the arid, radiation-ravaged worlds that hung in the Skullstar's orbit. Years later, those worlds have become fortified strongholds that the Bloodgorged command, and where vast brazen idols of Khorne tower hundreds of feet over the barren deserts. Across the Warband's domain, bloody altars rise from mountains of skulls, dark temples echo to harsh litanies of heretical worship, and all the while Daemons prowl under the searing light of the Skullstar that leers over them all.[1a]

Notable Members

  • Khargos the Butcher - Leads a warband known as The Reapers which specializes in assassination and special operations.[2]


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