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Blue Scribes

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The Blue Scribes, P'tarix and Xirat'p

The Blue Scribes, individually known as P'tarix and Xirat'p, are two Blue Horrors of Tzeentch.


There was a time when Tzeentch reigned supreme over all of the Chaos Gods, and held more power than any of them individually. The other Gods became envious, and joined forces to overthrow Tzeentch, thus beginning a conflict that would leave much of the universe devastated. During the final battle, Tzeentch feared that the combined army of the other Gods would defeat him and take his crystal staff, the symbol of his power, and opted for an alternate and more cautious approach. Tzeentch yielded, and broke his own staff as a token of surrender. In a sorcerous explosion, the staff shattered into countless pieces. Each of these fragments took the form of a different spell, and was flung to every corner of space and time, irredeemably lost. This event coincides with the birth of magic, and helped ensure that nobody would ever wield as much power as Tzeentch once did.[1]

After his defeat, Tzeentch created the Blue Scribes, the Blue Horrors P'tarix and Xirat'p, and tasked them with a mission to travel through the many dimensions of reality to find and record every known spell, which would eventually regain every shard of the staff. To aid them, Tzeentch gave the Scribes a Disc of Tzeentch to travel on, and to carry the huge amounts of parchment and ink that they needed. The reason why Tzeentch chose such lowly daemons for this important task was because their limited intelligence and constant bickering posed little threat to him, and thus they could be trusted with handling such a terrible power. If P'tarix and Xirat'p were to ever complete their mission, Tzeentch would regain his supremacy over all of creation.[1] The Blue Scribes carry the Scrolls of Sorcery, which contain every magical spell ever conceived.[1]

Since then, the Blue Scribes have been traveling throughout the galaxy, both in the Warp and real space, constantly searching for lost grimoires to transcribe and skilled sorcerers to interrogate. In battle, they invariably end up helping the side Tzeentch wished to win, whilst cataloguing all the incantations used in the conflict by both sides.[1]

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